Angelo and Deemon (Full) Mod

Angelo and Deemon (Full) {Hack/Mod}

Tauhira tohu-a-pāwhiri mōrearea. Kia pai te reinga! I mahia e matou mo koe anake.. Angelo and Deemon (Full) Mod v1.7.4

Whakahou: 22/11/2022
Utu: 5.99

Tikiake Angelo and Deemon (Full) Mod 1.7.4 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 5.1

Angelo and Demon: One Hell of a Quest is a classic point-and-click adventure game inspirationed by the best of LucasArts and Double Fine Productions!

Ko te uira ka puta he raupapatanga whakamiharo o nga huihuinga, a ka whai tetahi blogger i Reaper ki Reinga.

Angelo’s hongere karekau he pai me nga tirohanga. E hiahia ana ia ki a ratou. ahakoa utu. Ka whakatau ia ki te whakamahi i te Grim Reaper ki te tuhi i tana haerenga ki tetahi atu ao, me te tumanako ka hangaia e ia te ataata rongonui, rongonui, rongonui.

Hei mate mo Angelo, he reinga tena ao. I noho nga tangata he maha nga raruraru, a ka hiahia ratou ki tana awhina.

Haere ki te Rewera tonu! Engari kia tupato na te mea…ka…ka kite koe.

I roto i te reinga, kare a Angelo e haere ko ia anake. Ahakoa nga kaituhi e hiahia ana ki tetahi taha.

Ko nga mea ka taea e koe te tumanako:
• Nga kiripuaki korero me te ahua taunga
• He keemu tino pai me te maha o nga taumata, engari kaore he toi pika!
• Nga panga whakaihiihi me te whakahihiri. Ma tenei keemu ka whakaaro koe (kaore i rite ki etahi atu)!
• Ehara i nga whakairoiro toi pika! (mehemea ka ngaro koe i te rarangi i runga ake nei)
• He korero whakamere. He cocktail o te katakata me te rapunga whakaaro; he reo oraora!
• He nui rawa nga cocktails he kino, no reira he uaua o tatou raina. He kupu iti noa ka ataata koe me te whakaaro (penei i naianei)
• Ahakoa ka ngana koe, kare koe e wareware ki enei rarangi o nga kiripuaki. He raruraru kei ia ahua. (Ko wai karekau he raruraru, tika?)
Whakatupato! ! ! Ka aroha koe ki te reinga ka kore koe e mataku

Tikina kore utu Angelo and Deemon (Full) {Hack/Mod} mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.7.4. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Tauhira tohu-a-pāwhiri mōrearea. Kia pai te reinga! I mahia e matou mo koe anake.. I whakawhanakehia e Specialbit Studio. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 5.1. Teen.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Tango Panui Katoa
  • - Nga hoko kore utu
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Kore Panui

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Wewete VIP
  • - Whakaterenga
  • - Kore Panui

Te rohenga Potiti.

He korero hou

  1. Samm: Played this game like 5x already worth it every time.
  2. Saria Kay: Fun game, little confusing on what the tasks are and how to complete. Hopefully there is a 2nd game in the future.
  3. cindy Johnson: I can't make it past the microwave charging the phone, it keeps saying "doesn't work...something with the firmware" this is after combining the reapers phone with the refrigerator magnet and getting the instructions from the computer. Please advise what to do, I have restarted the game without success. EDIT: Geez I'm bad, close the microwave door...🙄🤭🥴I should have had a V8 lol. Thanks for responding so quickly..
  4. Bianca Flores: I absolutely loved this game really hoping for a part 2. Fun puzzles and the dark humor was great. Absolutely loved it..
  5. Espen Laub: 👍.
  6. dragonboi 13: It is a really good game but I am hoping a part two comes out Preferably on play pass.
  7. Lisa Adams: Enjoyable but, as others have suggested, solutions to many puzzles aren't very intuitive and there are some sections which leave the player without clear direction. In-game cueing or prompting (not hints from Sara) would be helpful for understanding when additional steps are required rather than simply rejecting incomplete attempts which can make you think you're on the wrong track..
  8. fred missons: Is there a sequel? I really enjoyed this game the puzzles could be bit hard but at same time easy once u know how..... WELL DONE.
  9. joseph edge: Pretty fun game.
  10. Luci Arel: At first I thought, "Come on, a game set in Hell, really?" But it really is fun and funny. Some puzzles or next moves were not intuitive to me, so I used a walkthrough and no shame. I'm ready for the sequel!.
  11. david ionut: The game is awesome but we're is the voice I look on YouTube and is ta voice chat but wen I open the game I was no voice chat, nothing. why?.
  12. Laura Lieberman: Love the concept, but awkward puzzling. The puzzles are convoluted; ended up having to ask "Sara" for help every other move so I was basically playing a walkthrough, which wasn't ideal. Would be nice if there was a tad more structure to what was necessary to succeed. Characters and humor are awesome!.
  13. daniel smythe: Well worth playing very good game.
  14. Sammy: Amazing Game! Difficult at times but I stuck to it and didn't need to use hints. Would have been helpful to know when certain things would become available though. Humorous, fun, and challenging. Can't wait for the sequel!!!.
  15. Ynessa Montgomery: Love the game but some things you wouldn't think in a million years to do to complete a task. Thankful for Sara lol.
  16. Morgan Porada: I love these kind of games. The graphics are great. The game is unnecessarily difficult tho, and it took any fun away from it. Bummer..
  17. TT C: Ready for part 2! Enjoyed the humorous storyline, 'Sara' Hints, Graphics, really everything about it. Challenging in a good way. I'm sure heaven will be another awesome adventure..
  18. Timothy OG: Great fun.
  19. Ash B: Interesting game but too much going to and fro. A map would've helped..
  20. KERRY BRAMWELL: Loved it! No need to say anymore folks 👌😊.
  21. Vanessa Hughes: Great game really enjoyed it but when will the the followup game be released.
  22. Pratap Roy: Well this game changed my views and will live within my memories.
  23. Ray Tillery: Wish there was a sequel to this game.
  24. iarm alive: If you are monkey island from lucas art, you will love this game..
  25. Maria de la O: Good game and graphics. Very fun. Hope the team are safe and well..
  26. J Burd: Very fun I highly recommend it..
  27. Arhan Roshan: An awesome and stylish storyline the puzzles are descent and can be easily solve by anyone and animation was also to the point.Overall a good game.
  28. Jody Smith: Got stuck on the youtube screen in the tutorial, didn't want to keep playing if that's how the whole game was going to be..
  29. Tame the Game: Great game but too short.
  30. Qwayrec Jost: Not much of a game really besides graphics I hope you do better.
  31. Raphael Castillo: Simply love the game..Will replay it next time...
  32. Matsya Roshan: The main character is sooo annoying...I know that not everyone can be like Guybrush or George Stobbart but that guy ruined the game for me...
  33. ID Video: The voice acting and writing is annoying. The quality of puzzles or not fully based on logic . And anytime a white actor plays a blackcent I'm out..
  34. Larsse: Great game that even made me laugh out loud a few times!.
  35. Shannon Marie: It's ok.
  36. Etienne van Huyssteen (Eperson): Interesting characters and I like the artwork but some of the puzzles didn't quite make logical sense and the story line was a tad forced. Around was ok..
  37. e f: Cringeworthy. Everyone involved in this project phoned in their contracted piece of the game and moved on. Angelo and Deemon going to hell literally has no soul..
  38. Neža Vižintin: Fantastic game. Can't wait for more. One tiny glich though. One of the parrot's speech bubbles got stuck and was there even when I went to other places in the game. It was gone and it never happened again after restarting the game..
  39. Kristen Nennstiel: AWESOME game. I couldn't get through it without help from a walkthrough video.. I CANNOT WAIT FOR PART 2!!! ANY NEWS?! Thank you!!!.
  40. Alana Curtis: Loved it! Played the whole game through in a few days, it's really funny and different and I love how snarky 'Sara' is whenever you get stuck. Would love to play a sequel!.
  41. Anton Rayment: Quite bad really. If you can't be bothered to put hints in when your stuck I cant be bothered to play it. Uninstalled immediately..
  42. Mahalia Hector: This game is great. I really wish I could have player more. There was a glitch in the game and I could not get past hooking up the microphone. I uninstalled and never bothered to play again..
  43. Mealeva Tam: Fun game, simple but entertaining. Waiting for a sequel.
  44. Jessica Murph: Nice casual game. Really funny and quirky. I like the dark sense of humor and the 90s 2000s references. I was glad there was help when you get stuck. Free with game pass. I was surprised when it ended tho. Seemed abrupt. I look forward to the sequel. Hope it's longer. Overall though I really liked it..
  45. Jazmín Martínez Santiago: Am in hell.
  46. KaiserTod: This game is amazing, hilarious, please let's get the second part!!.
  47. Patty Pryor: Very addicting & humorous game. I hope the heavenly sequel arrives soon!!!!.
  48. Steve Voidloss: Nice art. Really short, not worth the full price, puzzles are devoid of logic, dialogue is... grating. It takes way too long to travel between locations. Dissapointing..
  49. John Woods: Loved it!!.
  50. Ekaterina K: Can't wait for Episode 2.
  51. joe beach: The game itself is fun. They main human character though, I wanted to slap. He's annoying as hell. If you can overlook that, it's a good game..
  52. Charles Aguirre: Can't wait for the next one!.
  53. Zachariah Daniels: Very good game!! Can't wait for Heaven Quest.
  54. Mrs Mop: Great game - if you love Deponia, you'll love this! Sequel please!.
  55. Andrew Norris: Great game, cool but Waaaaaay to short not to be a free app.... I think it needed more areas to discover.... like the leisure suit larry series..... they are WORTH the $.. BUT! For an indie game not bad... maybe the devs could put out a DLC update with more content.. but a good game either..
  56. Bradon Holley: Great point and click but please add a fast travel system next time. Walking back and forth to get items is such a killer to the game. Just makes me want to check out having to do that over and over again..
  57. Malcolm S: No logic to puzzles. Humor was terrible. Awkward screen response controls and slow moving character with terrible lack of true fast travel..
  58. Tracy Cheney: Annoying.
  59. Peter Black: Really good game. Good story. A little repetitive traveling between locations. But overall a good game. Will definitely play the sequel if there is one..
  60. Bianca Flores: This game was absolutely amazing. I really can't wait for the next part of the game to come out. Clean graphics and really funny..
  61. sylvia mcdonagh: 100 persent.
  62. Vindhuja Vijayan: Great game I like it. Nice graphics and nice storyline..
  63. Nina Taylor: Could be better. The graphics are colourful and the storyline is okay, but the text is lousy. Some of it is incomplete and has poor grammer. I'm not sure why they felt the need to add the phrase 'Rich f-ing freak' after Angelo talks to the texting driver. It's jarring and doesn't fit. I can't stand Deemon. He's naff and cliche. Sorry but I don't think I'll be completing this one as I am bored already..
  64. Chris Groom: I usually like these types of games. This one sucked..
  65. Amber Kolb: The graphics are outstanding and the storyline is entertaining. I do wish the story went on a little longer, but I do look forward to the sequel hinted at the end! I'm glad there was an option for hints though as some of the puzzles are quite difficult. One thing I would change: Allow for a map so you may quickly travel to and from unlocked places. Having to go back and forth so much gets a tiny bit annoying but not enough to affect the game play. All in all, a great game!.
  66. Amy Pember: Where is the Back to the Future car on the island? I've been thru several walkthroughs & I still can't find it..
  67. Cecilia McCoy: I haven't even played yet but I decided to try it because not only were most of the reviews good but the developers responded to so often. Amazing customer service, keep up the good work and I keep my eyes open for more games from your company..
  68. N P: I mean, it looks nice but the dialogue, the voice acting are so over the top and unnatural that I just couldn't take it seriously. Nobody talks and acts like this.
  69. Games & Exploration Worldwide: Installed it yesterday, good game, finished today... what's next?!.
  70. Miss Chung: wow not worth the money. extremely short..
  71. Kym Wolfe: Very fun! Loved it! I played this game to the end and was so sad it ended- I absolutely loved this app! Graphics are deep and beautiful. It is easy to understand. The option to call "Sarah" was an excellent idea! Thank you for this app and I look forward to 'part 2' (hint-hint)😁 Great work developers!! ----- Thank you for the response! (Another "Edit") Everytime I come across this game while searching for anything similar to it, I smile. Seriously fun game!.
  72. John J: Quite boring. I Only made it to the island and underground. The puzzles in this so called adventure game don't make any sense and just makes the story and objective more confusing. How the hell is anybody supposed to know to record an insane character's taps of the bucket on the ground?! What does that have to do with anything? I've used the hints, executed those hints and.....nothing. I click on everything, try to all possible combinations and ....nothing. What a waste of time..
  73. Jaina Frost: Can't wait for the sequal.👍.
  74. Steve Walls: Fun story with great characters. Some puzzles were really good. Unfortunately a few were that were nonsensical and involved me randomly clicking everything for 45 minutes. They need a few contextual clues to make them seem purposeful..
  75. Nite Sye: Pretty fun game. Definitely nostalgic for anyone who loved old school point and click games like Day of the Tentacle or Sam and Max Hit the Road..
  76. Yavianny Lorenzo: Waiting for the sequel. Awesome game!.
  77. Nessi Ness: Really cool and fun, not too hard and not too easy I binge played it in one run. And was sad that we didn’t get to see heaven. PLEASE make a second one in heaven.
  78. Summer Perez: It's okay. Writings not great u can tell it's translated poorly. Plus it's like, racist as hell with the demon dude..
  79. Josh Collado: Extremely racist. Protagonist is a c-word..
  80. Justin Brady: Definitely need a sequel..
  81. Anthony Dowling: Played via Play Pass & glad I did. Some of the puzzles toward the end are very back & forth to extreme ends of the map, but so what, it's a great puzzler & timekiller :) Looking forward to episode 2 in Heaven (hint hint, pretty please) For tjhose looking at the political & PC conotations, don't bother, it's a game, lighten up!.
  82. Kelly G.H.: Really enjoyed it! Hope there is a sequel 🤞😖🤞.
  83. Hannah Breaux: Really great! I hope they continue as a series and keep the story going. The art and voice acting are a treat, the puzzles make you think, without being frustrating..
  84. Hahaha Rhythm: I try to use the device but it just don't work.
  85. Akbar Khan: Quite a fun little point and click adventure game. The puzzles were not too hard and there is always hints available if you get stuck. Overall good graphics, story and gameplay..
  86. Meghan Marie Martin: Cant even play the game at all due to it continuing to crash.
  87. Sophia Khaled: Great game. Pretty tough but that's what made it great. Hope to see more of these. Looking for sequel..
  88. Douglas Baker: Not a bad game but also not great. The characters are very cringey and everything feels like it's purposely trying to preech political correctness, garbage lifestyle, hipster trash and life lessons which try coming across deep but are just stupid. The gameplay it's self was decent, I really liked the ice mountain Reinkarnation, that idea was actually brilliant. OH and the first introduction of death was very well done. I would 100 percent play the sequal even after the cringe..
  89. Lisa E: Tried to play. Won't play at all. Even deleted it and reinstall game, still won't play..
  90. Sarah Brightstar: I cannot click on cold hell so am stuck in the game. Tried to uninstall and reinstall to see if that would fix it, but yet again, i can get to the bar, poke the lava, get nack to the station, but there is no cold hell option :(.
  91. Peter Dollinger: Fun game. Fun story!.
  92. Sam Burgett: I had a lot of fun. Hope to see the sequel eventually..
  93. slarty bartfast: it's alright. I love games like this but the deemon is annoying as heck and there is zero logic to the game..
  94. Ashley Robbins: Great game great challenge just what I love to see. Can't wait for the sequel to come out!.
  95. Marcie Krasniuk: I really enjoyed this game. I found it to be quite entertaining and humorous. It did seem a bit short, kinda seemed to end abruptly. Hopefully there will be a second one..
  96. Mandy Shultz: Nice concept. Graphics aren't bad. The game was spent slowly moving from location to location solving "puzzles" that doesn't really make much sense. I got tired at the parrot part from following a hint that said i forgot something at another location. Im tired of repeatedly moving back and forth pretty slowly. Other games like this were better. 70% repeated locations 28% talking 2% actual playtime is how it felt for me..
  97. Tricia Hannagan-C.: What a fun game! I hope they have a sequel coming. Enjoyable characters and good humor. If you get stuck there's a phone in the game to ask Sara (instead of Siri) for help..
  98. Amanda Siler: Really fantastic job! I loved the characters and style of this game! I can't wait for the sequel! Definitely worth playing! Also, I didn't find the game to be too short, personally. There was tons to do!.
  99. Jason M: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'd give it more stars if I could. It is a fun, and funny puzzle game. Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what to do next, but isn't that the point of a puzzle game?! Plus there is a hint button. I wish the story continued a little longer before ending because I have a few unused items as well as a phone full of pics and vids that I thought I'd need for my blog. English translation was nearly flawless! I don't speak Ukrainian, but Google does - Дякую. Мені це дуже сподобалось..
  100. Chris Jones: Really annoying how many people rated down the demo because the game isn't free. Love the point and click nostalgia from my old LucasArts days. My only gripe is that the game doesn't utilize cloud save so game is lost if you reset your phone or get a new one. I thought Play Services made this possible for all developers without them having to run a server..
  101. Steve Appleton: Awesome game. Wish there was a second one for heaven.
  102. Deb Redlinger: PART 2? When?.
  103. BL Dufflecoat: Fun to start with but got boring after a while..
  104. sweety Malakar: Love the story and art everything nice but feel little boring.
  105. amber moon: Will there the second trip to heaven continuation? Cool game. I guessed that i'd have to blow the clown head..
  106. Evil Satanson: Graphics, voices and graphics are really good. Puzzles, as most say, don't make much sense and hard to guess. I hope to see more quest games from you, guys. "Аффтар, жги есчо!" Screen goes off while watching the conversations. The app should prevent it from happening like all games. --- I'll be happy to assist with any further information/tests that'll lead to resolving this issue..
  107. Georgi Blaskoff: Quite decent, picturesque environment and funny puns. Very well narrated and the same goes for the VO. My only point that is not strictly positive - the puzzles. Most of them are good, however, there were a few that felt quite random (telephone upgrade, ice cubes, the freak guy, etc.). Keep it coming!.
  108. Fabricio do R B Marques: Awesome game with a ton of references for famous classic adventure games, I can hardly wait for the sequel..
  109. Yan Avenue: Nice graphics and amusing writing, hindered by horrible unintuitive puzzles. Good puzzles will make you go "hmm, I should have thought about this sooner", the puzzles in this game will make you go "I have no idea why this even worked". Too bad because someobe obviously put a lot of effort into this game..
  110. Nikole B: Great game, looking forward to the next!.
  111. Colin Nelson: Great graphics but had to guess what to do quite often. Tedious to and fro from extreme ends of area towards the end which was also felt cut short..
  112. Abhay Soni: Good game , funny humour and best selection of NPCs and worth purchasing it. I am already waiting for a sequel in heaven this time like shown in cliff hanger ending..
  113. robin may: Good game but a lot of back and forth. It became tedious at the end constantly going from the bar to the island. Other than that, not bad. I'll definitely buy the next game..
  115. Chardonay: Loved this game, can't wait for more. It didn't feel too short and the art style and characters are amazing. It was pretty cool seeing all the references to other characters and items. I didn't expect that. I hope to see even more games from your guys!.
  116. Leon Telyaz: Cool characters & dialogues. Some puzzles are counter intuitive. Gameplay is short compared to famous adventure games..
  117. Michelle Hill: Loved this game.

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