Codex of Victory - sci-fi game Mod

Codex of Victory – sci-fi game MOD/HACK

Whakakahangia to karetao. Utuhia o pu. Hanga to kaha. Raupatu to Paparangi!. Codex of Victory - sci-fi game Mod v1.0.202

Whakahou: 22/11/2022
Utu: 1.99

Tikiake Codex of Victory - sci-fi game Mod 1.0.202 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 4.4

Ko te Codex of Victory e whakaatu ana i te kaupapa whawhai kotahi-kaitakaro e kaha ana ki a koe ki te hanga me te whakahaere i tetahi ope hangarau-nui o nga waka haruru, taika, me nga karetao.
Ko te kaupapa whakatairanga he huinga whakaihiihi o te hanga turanga tuuturu, te whakamahere rautaki o te ao, me te whawhai huri-huri. Ma te haere i waenga i nga aorangi me nga rohe, ko to kaupapa anake ko te aukati i nga Whakanuia – he iwi nanakia o nga cyborg tino tangata ko tana kaupapa he “whakaora” i nga tangata noa mai i nga rohe o o ratau tinana kaiao.

Kohikohi mahere, hanga wheketere, pokapu rangahau, awheawhe, taiwhanga me etahi atu whakaurunga hei whakarite mo nga pakanga a meake nei. Hangaia to ope, whakapai ake me te whakarite, katahi ka toha ki te papa pakanga ki te whawhai ki te hoariri nanakia.

– Te whawhai rauhanga i runga i te hurihanga
– Ko te pakanga e akiakihia ana e nga korero
– Te hanga turanga tuturu<-- Waeine maha me nga whakamohoatanga me nga whakarereketanga

Tikina kore utu Codex of Victory – sci-fi game MOD/HACK mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.0.202. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Whakakahangia to karetao. Utuhia o pu. Hanga to kaha. Raupatu to Paparangi!. I whakawhanakehia e AKPublish pty ltd. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 4.4. Everyone 10+.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Wewete KATOA
  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Karekau ADS Katoa
  • - Wewete Putanga Katoa
  • - Kore Uta Anō

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Tatūnga Koreutu
  • - Kaipupuri
  • - Sprint
  • - Wewete Putanga Katoa
  • - ADS kore utu

– Kua taapirihia te reo Ingarihi! E waatea ana ma te taunoa.
– Kua taurite. Kua whakahekehia te nui o nga miihana kua mahia.
– Nga momo whakatikatika bug me te arotautanga.

He korero hou

  1. Druettus Edward T.: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 10 out of 10.
  2. Yuri Lavrik: The game has potential, but it's ridiculously short. It literally feels like just an intro to a game. Most of the game is very short-timed, to such extent that I did not even have time to get to max perks level even a single unit. Quite disappointing, really..
  3. Matthew Ortiz: More updates plz.
  4. Matt Palmer: Game play is fun, but only three stars because you can lose a game by running out of time. I think the time limits on the story do nothing to make it more engaging, just frustrating..
  5. Shadowrunner 85: This is a game as games should be, not those usuall mobile shuffle ware, far and wide between. A bit short, but excellent story. When are we getting a chapter 2? Tnx for new update, time to play again. Please make an expansion, new campaign. I'd easily pay for that..
  6. Brian Dickens: Fun and challenging.
  7. anti- ism: i liked it..
  8. Marx1st Guerilla: bought a while back but didnt get around to playing it until recently, this is an all around great game, nice cel shaded graphics, an xcom build like system, terrain effects, etc. works great on chromebook with mouse and keyboard..
  9. Matt B: Turn-based strategy game is good with room for a few simple fixes. X-Com style base building, hexagonal maps with terrain like roads, mountains that affect gameplay. Many different units and upgrades are available for many play styles. Game is fair on easy, challenging on normal, and near impossible on Hard. Needs the following: remove unitresource overflow, you can keep any mission rewards even if you don't have the space for it, Ability to sell excess unitsresources for cash, Multi-player..
  10. Harpax A: Basically Russian X-Com with tanks, they even copy the underground base building LOL Pros : + Decent battle graphics (for indie games) + Cheap, only $5, bought on sale at $1.5 + Can personalized unit a bit Cons : - Monotone missions, basically kill them all. - Storyline practically none existence - Bad English Translation. - Voice over only in Russia - UI Blocking base building view. - Easy AI, basically just bait them to come out to our ambush. - No Achievement.
  11. Louis Khrisna Putera Suryapranata: Completed it in 5 days with full-upgraded base and full-upgraded special units. Wish there's an open world mode or skirmish after the end of the story, so you can have more battles and doing more unit upgrades..
  12. Lord Bowser: It would be 5 if it wasn't hard for me. But idk.
  13. Hasbi Habiburachmansyah: where i can find such a great game like this.. i love pc game such as XCOM, and this game was definitely had the element of it with simple and friendly feature.
  14. Tantono「タントノ」David出人「デビド」: that is nice game and I hope you can release it on PC as well..
  15. Skgra: Gran juego, me gustan mucho los rts y este es fabuloso con un toque de fallout shelter.
  16. Supernet 2: Bought this in 2017. Played it lots back then. This game is a standing example of how good games should be on mobile. Only thing I can wish the devs do is release this game beyond the steam platform and also release it on gog. I'd gladly rebuy there. That said, games like xcom building wise and field unit deployment wise..
  17. Mark Pearce: Fantastic😍.
  18. Bryon McCoy: Literally perfect, the only thing that would make it 5 stars is a human vs AI mode. Please add!.
  19. Aries Farango: Small combat drone and 6 wheel artillery vehicle has same attack and defence stats. Okay, i got it, game deleted. Very unbalanced and many different units with similar stats, lol..
  20. Raden Mas Harper: Cool.
  21. Chew Ee: overly difficult even at the easy level. game play is frustrating. Don't buy. waste of time and money.
  22. Grey Wind: An excellent gem with good replayability and production values. There is a strategic phase similar to XCom with base building, research and producing units. The battles are turn-based, with great tactical freedom. The significant unit customization enhances replayability. I liked how macro decisions affected your tactical options. However, it's unclear why/how the AI spawns units e.g. when I took a few bases they stopped coming despite having AP. Decent length, but needs more content..
  23. Frost Dearwinter: Interesting copy but not worth 4$..
  24. Donald Gardner: Very fun, however once you beat the game it's over, you can continue collecting resources and researching but nothing else, NEED TO ADD POST GAME CONTENT, AT LEAST NG+..
  25. Zachary Miller: Codex of Victory is a great turn-based strategy game. It also has a base you have to develop, new units and technologies to discover, and a plethora of challenging missions with a fairly intelligent AI. I haven't encountered any bugs yet, and the game runs smoothly..
  26. Haux: I like this game hope there's more to it and more update to come.
  27. Honest Joe: Happy to buy a complete game with no micro transactions. I refuse to download anything with ads or micro transactions. There is no love for those developers and business model. COV is a poor PC port some screen clipping but playable. Story is meh. Somehow beat the game without being able to unlock all base upgrades. Never found rsearch III blueprint. Battle strat was fun. Early battles are harder than late when you can utilize more stats with upgrades..
  28. Mark B: Over complicated and not much fun..
  29. A Google user: Amazing game, satisfying turn based tactical rpg with mechs. Think Z.O.E. Fist of Mars for GBA meets X-Com. Worth the price and the developers deserve hearty praise for such a gem in a FTP market. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment..
  30. A Google user: Clearly not designed for mobile screens. Poor translations and very unbalanced campaign blocking your progression but not the enemy. Sorry but all in all a cheap knock off of xcom..
  31. A Google user: Devs need to give more options as to how hard/easy the game is..
  32. A Google user: nice turn.based straregy battles with shelterlike base management, actually I was hoping that the story goes beyond that system of 2 planets, but perhaps that would be too taxing..
  33. A Google user: I got clear the game and end game, please update the next even now.
  34. A Google user: Fun game, loading worked so changing to 5 stars.
  35. A Google user: Good game, but still some bugs to fix. Cant finish game due to bug in the game. In response to the developers, I did email and attempted to get it resolved. I even sent screenshot when I got an in game error message. I received no response and posted my honest review of this game..
  36. A Google user: A great game, but some of the seen dialogs reappear, though that isn't really a problem. When a certain location got taken or attacked by the enemy and I managed to take it back the same event happens and I lost the upgraded version of the councelor and it got replaced by his level 1 version instead. I don't know about other characters but this happens to me..
  37. A Google user: Was OK. Good graphics an sound but that's about it. Wasn't worth that much money though with such short campaign.
  38. A Google user: The game is nice. I just wish they could add a skirmish mode after playing the campaign..
  39. A Google user: Great game. Wish there was more like this..
  40. A Google user: Needs a ton of polishing for that price. In current state not worth over $1. Lacks an exit button for multiple actions. Continue button doesn't work. Lack of proper AI, use of numbers to win. The list goes on..
  41. A Google user: Excellent so far! No In App Purchases (IAP) - worth EVERY PENNY. Fun, well-balanced turn-based RTS with base building mechanics ala Fallout Shelter. Units can be upgraded using different meterials. After the tutorial planet, the game gets difficult. I like difficult. Bugs: When zoomed out in base view, touching the screen with one finger, then double-tapping an edge room causes that room to change into different rooms (Preon's Laboratory or Missile Center), or deletes the room entirely!.
  42. A Google user: Great game, look gorgeous and sounds great, not many like this in the app store (everybody copying Clash of Clans or Kingdom Rush) absolutely love CoV's gameplay, it's like X-Com meets Advance Wars, both of which are very enjoyable games. It may take some time to get used to the game using a phone, also the zoom in and out could be less sensitive, other than that Very well done good sir! very well done indeed..
  43. A Google user: Nice visuals and gameplay, but sometimes the controls can be a little difficult on a smaller screen..
  44. A Google user: this is impressive! Im not sure if this is a port but, I think its too big for a mobile phone. the messages in the game itself hides ,some of the buttons and rooms in base view. if theres a way to hide those messages, after you are done reading them it would be awesome edit.: its difficult for me even at normal. maybe Ill try it again in simple setting..
  45. A Google user: Wow, i rarely post reviews, but this game is a gem in the ocean of thrashy, 💰-sucking, paytoplay pseudo-games that fill play store. Thnx ppl, this is the best android game i played so far. Waiting for more TBS from you. Keep it real!.
  46. A Google user: The first thing was written on the tank is to right click my mouse button.... dude its an adroid phone with touchscreen there is no mouse, nothing worked anyways. Stupid port probsbly from PC game. Responds to Developer: Game was not useable cant right click. When you port u need to change text instructions and controlls to function on more advaced devices. Graphics are bad too. To develoer: U said, its unckear, so i clarify it for with whats wrong. You are an idiot and a moron..
  47. A Google user: Enjoyed..
  48. A Google user: It definitely doesn't look or play like a $15 game, very disappointing.
  49. A Google user: Alot of fun, like mobile starcraft. But with home base upgrading. Great job Devs.
  50. A Google user: This game reminds me of a simplified beyond civilzation and is alot of fun to play. The best part i own it no having to buy anything t win good job for creating a great game..
  51. A Google user: A really great game. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a fun strategy game. It would be better if there was more to do after the story, like a skirmish mode or something similar, but still worth playing.
  52. A Google user: We need to bring these apps back to the front-page! I bought this straight away when I found it. A well-made, relaxing game for a decent price without all the modern horrible freemium ad-fest. Thank you for still providing quality stuff for a one time purchase. I would give you 5 stars simply for this reason, the fact that the game is actually fun as well is more of a bonus to be honest..
  53. A Google user: Its a well-made game. Great graphics, good sound, etc. In fact, the base-building mechanic in between fights is awesome. Its always feels like you are slowly getting stronger, better units according to your own direction. My only issue with the game is that, for me, it moves a little slowly. The main campaign is a tug of war between you and the AI in which you feel constantly battered until you can start upgrading units. And its a bit of a slow march..
  54. A Google user: The game is great. After finishing its campaign I want more. It' a common wargame with nice graphics, sound and a good story. There are scents of Herbert's Dune there just for fun. Thanks..
  55. A Google user: good game with zero purchases. giving 4* because i stopped because of the grind part wsy through the game. same maps for the small battles over and over..
  56. A Google user: excellent turn based strategy without any micro transactions. The unit upgrade system allows for some replayability through alternative playstyles. If I'd have to point something out that could be improved, some unit upgrades aren't quite as self explanatory on the first playthrough, having a description for each would help. If anyone's looking for a fun tbs on Android (a rare unicorn), look no further..
  57. A Google user: Update = Problem resolved and really enjoying the game. It's a pleasant balance of game mechanics. While it does draw on ideas from other games, it manages to be its own. // Old review = bought it. It shows that I purchased, but won't download. When I choose install, it takes me to the payment prompt..
  58. A Google user: Great game ... maybe work on the tutorial a little but overall worth the price ... No complaints.
  59. A Google user: Amazing game. Would really like to see multiplayer and player vs computer matches in either an update or new game please... also I wish it wasnt so easy to take over the bases maybe it takes one extra turn or something....
  60. A Google user: I just finished the first arc and I'm very impressed. It combines battlefield turn-based-strategy, base-building, and map movements. It's a little like a mobile SciFi Total War game. All this AND no micro-marketing? AWSOME!! small note: I use an LG G6 and the unique aspect ratio makes some things display differently. The most notable being that overlay windows get the top cut off but so far it has caused minimal interference with my enjoyment of the game..
  61. A Google user: Really good game. Classic turn-based strategy with some clever additions. The thing that stands out is how well balanced it is. Hard, but not too hard. Good replayability (I completed it without even upgrading my factory, so there are units I never really used, different strategies to try etc.). Well done!.
  62. A Google user: Great game but why is there no skirmish mode..
  63. A Google user: my tablet started acting weird after installation. As if it was busy doing something else. could barely use it until deinstall of this game. And no, it was not a space on hard disk issue..
  64. A Google user: They lost me at "Your Lordship". how cheesy. gameplay wants to be poor man's X-Com, but its even lesser. Story is cheesy at best and game is less than average. regret my purchase..
  65. A Google user: One few actually good mobile games..
  66. A Google user: After playing for over an hour I found the game was way too difficult. I'd like a refund please. That was on easy..
  67. A Google user: I've been hesitant about buying this, it's been on my wishlist for a while. I'm glad I did! It's a refreshing mix of base building and turn base strategy. The turn base strategy reminds me of advance wars in all the best ways. The game requires forward thinking and thinking ahead, you build your units before battle meaning that if you don't plan out you can lose the game on premise of no prep/units. Worth the price for the game. Just wish there was a skirmish mode AI v human if nothing else..
  68. A Google user: Great mingling of ideas, worthy purchase for any hardcore strategy lover.
  69. A Google user: Could be perfect with some UI enhancments and some more polishing but it is very much worth it as it is. Great turn based squad tactics and base management game..
  70. A Google user: Needs scalable UI, double tap zoom and optimized battery consumption. Please allow to change the frame rate and the pixel resolution (like the Space Marshall games). Thx🍺.
  71. A Google user: Really well done game with great combination of strategy and upgrade capabilities.
  72. A Google user: love this game. its sorta like uni wars but much better as you can customize your units. some grammar problems and a bug where the build slot dont show unless you go to map then back to base...hint hint this for you developers lol. good game and last but not least god i would love to see you make more games like this and let everyone know by putting the link in this games main menu. anyway very nice game i say 4/5 stars for little tweaks that could be done so i just did 5 stars. anyway would love to see you make another and higher price idc lol..
  73. A Google user: Okay game with little to no replay value. Finished game without fully expanding base. Requires you play the same maps over and over and over..... You get the picture. Little variety in enemy units. I was expecting base building and unit upgrades to play important roles. This game failed on both parts. You will complete the game before exploring what the developers apparently intended. Given the fact that you will be busting rocks and constructing unnecessary rooms only to realize the only way to do so would be to play the same levels over and over with no need to update your strategy. If anything, I would recommend a weather system to increase difficulty for multiple playthroughs. Having to jump back and forth from planets just to maintain superiority is a good idea, but as stated before, becomes quite repetitive. Gameplay is good but fun factor takes a huge dive early on. 3 stars given for nice concept with subpar execution..
  74. A Google user: Seriously the literal moment i land on another planet to defend it from 4 different attacks another wave comes in and now the planet i just left is under attack? And boom just conquered a planet, 2 days untill the next enemy attack conquers it, same situation for all 3 planets if your not there it will be conquered. Cool game, but was developed poorly, makes me want a refund.
  75. A Google user: Nice time waster. Sucks down battery power but fun enough to overlook. No instructions or useful tutorial for midgame; some levels/fights are very difficult others are very easy, poor leveling of difficulty..
  76. A Google user: This game has an unnecessarily steep learning curve. Once you wrap your head around it though, it's very rewarding. One of the deepest strategy games on a phone..
  77. A Google user: If xcom alowed you to travel in space and use mechs.
  78. A Google user: Works good and is a fun game but the battery drains way too fast. I played for like 30 mins and my battery went down by 12%. It could be optimized to run better and use less battery. Heats up my device way more than other apps. Also the zooming is way to sensitive. Besides that the game is good..
  79. A Google user: Well worth it! There aren't that many science fiction turn based games in the play store and this one is a more than competent game. It was pretty intuitive for someone experienced with the genre although I missed a crucial instruction for how to win the game. Once figured out, no problem. All in all I'd say it was a good casual approach to turn based gaming..
  80. A Google user: On Android I cant figure out how to move a gun turret after it has been placed. If I hold my finger down a window opens giving stats and two options one corner says Action other says Move. The problem is this. When I try to click on move it takes me to different section of the map where I cant place the turret. If I let go when the window pops up it disappears... What am I missing?.
  81. A Google user: TBH I'm going to give it an honest review. I didn't like the fact that it seemed like I was always on defense trying to protect my bases when the AI are Aholes.i didn't have enough time to click the refund button because I was too busy trying to get somewhere in this game. It takes waaayy to long to progress. This game has a really good concept but it needs major improvement. Pls allow me to refund this game..
  82. A Google user: Not feeling it. I find the base building and upgrading tedious. Not sure why I 'm getting killed so easy on an early level... meh.
  83. A Google user: Just finished the game and it was amazing, great storyline and awesome turn-base strategy.
  84. A Google user: Not as amazing as reviews suggest. The start is interesting but the mid game gets very boring and repetitive and confusing because the goals are not properly explained to the player. Touch controls need a lot of refinement..
  85. A Google user: Won't open on my S8! Crashes on launch every time – tried restarting, but the problem persists.
  86. A Google user: This is the best game I've played on my phone. If you're a fan of turn based strategy, this game is for you!.
  87. A Google user: A great little gem and it worth every penny!!.
  88. A Google user: Good game. It seems difficult at first but with good tactics it is easy to finish..
  89. A Google user: It needs a Single player random map generator.
  90. A Google user: Awsome.
  91. A Google user: Superb TBS with depth and good graphics. Reminds me of X-Com in parts. A bargain in my opinion for £5..
  92. A Google user: Отличная тактическо-стратегическая игрушка. Играл на ПК, куплю и тут, дабы поддержать разработчиков! Всем любителям стратегий рекомендую. Графика вполне неплоха, сюжет присутствует, тактика вполне интересна, порог вхождения низкий, но позднее выявляются тонкости. АИ немного глуповат, больше давит массой, но не раздражает. Авторам успехов - ждём ещё игр! P.S. В обучающей подсказке стоит поменять "нажмите левую кнопку мыши" на что-нибудь более телефонное).

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Putanga: 1.0.202.
Android e hiahiatia ana: 4.4.
Aromātai: 558.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone 10+.
Tāuta: 10,000+.
Hua: .
Kaihanga: AKPublish pty ltd.
Pooti: 4.2.
Pāhekoheko: .
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