Findy! City Mod

Findy! City {Hack – Mod}

Kimihia nga mea katoa i te taone ora!. Findy! City Mod v2.9.5

Whakahou: 23/11/2022

Tikiake Findy! City Mod 2.9.5 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 6.0

Ko te keemu whakangao e hiahia ana koe ki te rapu taonga hauhautanga i te taone ora!

Tikina kore utu Findy! City {Hack – Mod} mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 2.9.5. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Kimihia nga mea katoa i te taone ora!. I whakawhanakehia e Stefania Rastegaeva. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 6.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Kaore he ADS
  • - Wewete KATOA
  • - Wewete VIP
  • - Hoko Koreutu
  • - Kaipupuri

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Kore utu
  • - Tango Panui Katoa
  • - Karekau ADS Katoa
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Wewete Ka utua

Nga whakatikatika bug iti me nga whakapainga ake.

He korero hou

  1. Joua Moua: Bliippi meekh.
  2. Kimberly Dandridge: Why create a game that can't be played due to constant interruptions? Waste of time!!!!.
  3. Courtney Jackson: 1st time playing this today. Had a click able in the ad for $20 mist play reward if I downloaded mist play. So I did and guess what I got... if that wasn't enough it is hyper-aggressive with the ads and there is a delay between selecting things you find in the game..
  4. Cloe rose Rivers: I love it.
  5. Shelia Elmore: Can play for ads popping up I deleted this game..
  6. kimbers 123: Too many ads. I won't be playing.
  7. D DeWitty (Dee): Same locations, same items no variety. Kind of glitchy and way too many ads..
  8. Vinny NYC: Wow, adds after 5 seconds of play. No way!!!.
  9. Beth Ewers: I love it.
  10. Emma Robson: Why can I not choose 0 stars. #@$! You game.
  11. Shalena M Starkey (Lena): Got a amazon promotion or what ever in the way of the screen and can't get rid of it like there forcing u to sign up or do what ever with it just to be able to get it off the screen..
  12. Laura Potts: Relentless ads, way too many, goodbye game..
  13. Monica Falkenstein: The amount of ads is absolutely absurd. Can't even find 10 objects without an ad popping up..
  14. Teena Miller: I luv this game.
  15. Kehra Games: Way too many ads.
  16. Tammy Bowman: love it....hate the ads though.
  17. Chauncey Wilson: coo.
  18. Stealth Bunny: At least game no longer looks like a rip off of Scavenger Hunt. The art has changed. Ads about every 10-30 seconds, most skipable after 5 seconds. Options for no-ads are expensive. At about scene 6, game would freeze after three ad breaks. When game is first installed, popup says it is a Mistplay game and to download that app to play for gift cards. Mistplay app does not have this game listed and my balance there never changed. There are other games that do the scavenger concept much better..
  19. Sarah Wright: cool.
  20. NO Name: Very fun, the only set back is way to many advertisements, and always the same levels 😫. Otherwise it's fun fun fun.
  21. Jaydia Simmons: The ads pop up too frequently. Icons hides the right side of the screen. I wouldn't mind paying the 16.99 if the focus was more on creating an enjoyable experience..
  22. Krysta Potter: There's only 3 maps and I paid full price if I knew they're were only 3 maps to do I wouldn't of spent the $$.
  23. Anna Richter: I give it one star because I got to level 18 and won't go past that I can see level 19 but can't play it the game worked fine up untill I got to 18 please fix it.
  24. Donya d: Perfect.
  25. Carly Alise Cechini: Just like all the other find it apps. Fun until all the 30 sec ADs start popping up every 3-4 mins of game play. Ad free version $4.99 - HA HA, not long until you won't be able to give the ad-free versions away.
  26. Leeyora Santos: It's a good game. But, after levels are the same. After a couple of plays, you already know where to find them..
  27. Artistic J: very challenging and entertaining. keeps ya busy and focused..
  28. Kay Britton: Fun game but uninstalling after 5 minutes. Ad after every, and I mean EVERY play. I sat through way more ads than game..
  29. Christel Colville: Cute game if it wasn't so laggy & the interrupting ads are the worse especially when you have no clue that they are coming & you're still trying to click on items!.
  30. Soile Kilpi: Just started playing. Fun game but what!? An ad every 15 seconds. Nuts! Uninstalling..
  31. Carol Woodward: I like the idea of the game but an ad after every few minutes is annoying..
  32. Jane Doherty: Too many ads.
  33. Audra Hartman: really enjoying this game!.
  34. Stacey C: Very relaxing..
  35. Rajeev Saha: Experiance is worst ever.
  36. Larry and Tonya Allen, Sr: Too many ads.
  37. Accalia Echo: I couldn't even play the game because the add took up half the screen and there wasn't an exit for it. I understand needing ads but seriously? You put it over the game and expect someone to play your game like that?.
  38. Dianne Russell: It's OK not the best it stays on one level will not go any further even if U got them all.
  39. Author Seanna Marie: Great game but must there be SO MANY ads? Seriously like every single minute there's an ad.
  40. Jenn Collier: Way to many ads. You watch more ads then playing the game. The game was cool til I got slammed with ads..
  41. Carla & John Pretsch: Very fun finding game to play..
  42. Kat M: I was enjoying the game but somehow it won't let me advance even though I've found all 170 of the hidden items..
  43. Helena Hubbard: Ads every 10 SECONDS! The game doesn't advance to another scene. So you play the same game every time. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!.
  44. Len Roland: to many ads.
  45. Denise McGuire: cute illustrations and fun to use.
  46. Morgan Kilgore: Don't bother! Ads ever 20 seconds..
  47. Deathbird Sinister: I play this before bed. Have yet to finish 2 maps at a go before it knocks me out, because the last 5 items are the ones that take awhile to find. If the ads bother gou, turn off wifi..
  48. nikkie Blair: Game sucks only two levels way to many adds every two clicks an add pops up wow.
  49. Craig Hartley: Adds every few seconds no thanks.
  50. Cat Pott: One giant non removable ad that takes up 40% of the screen. Have fun playing between that and the menu bar at the bottom....
  51. Jennifer Hess: Read the reviews about how bad the ads are while trying to pay. Thought people were exaggerating and they wouldn't be that bad. They were not exaggerating and it was that bad. Game is basically unplayable due to ads..
  52. Janet Collins: I know ads pay for these games...but every 2 SECONDS !!???.
  53. Kayleigh J: This game is good but it's not that good to be having so many ads!!!! Come on now creators do better! Would've gotten a 5 star.
  54. katrina staples: fast paced, concentrating fun.
  55. Regina White Pugh: I love the game but am frustrated with all the ads.
  56. Thomasina chambers: Relaxing and fun 😌 😎.
  57. Denise Nunes: I rally enjoy this game. It's a lot of fun..
  58. Let's go goofy Gaming: Love the game way to many ads,,and when u do all levels then they start over.
  59. J Jackson: Gotta uninstall what's with these games they so ad heavy.
  60. C W: it's ok, redundant. The scenery doesn't change much, seems to have 2 or 3 backgrounds. Feels like you're playing the same game over and over and over again.
  61. Anastacia Gaguilar: I started to love this game but then It keeps freezing and blanking off the screen, how are you suppose to play this game?.
  62. Kenda Parker: I paid 7.95 to remove ads and it was only 2 levels. I feel cheated. So not fair. Love the gamebthe two levels were great. I'd really like my money back.
  63. Ryder Christie: I was expecting more to this game when looking at it initially. What you see is what you get. Not that the game is bad or anything, it's just wasn't what I was expecting..
  64. Crystal Ronning: awesome.
  65. Dianna Ralston: Love the game wish there were more levels, and more objects to look for.
  66. Andie Byron: Between the constant advertisements and the buttons that cover too much of the search area,, it's impossible to enjoy this game. Download "Scavenger Hunt" instead..
  67. Bridget Mansell: Too many ads, the developers want $7 and some change to remove the ads...I think not. I would pay $1.99 to remove ads but I think their prices are too high for a game that you're just finding little hidden objects..
  68. Bobbi P: Ads every 30-45 seconds. You can't even play the game!.
  69. Stephanie Brown: fun but a whole lot of ads, I get it, its a free game but every 20 secs there's ads... and im broke.... I play this game to help me forget about being broke, after rent. electric, food. make sure my daughter has what she needs, phone..... so maybe not so many ads... thanks for reading my meltdown!! have a great day.....
  70. Lucero Nelson: Love the game but way too many commercials..
  71. Joanne Perticari: Too many ads interruptions..
  72. Sandra Segrera: I paid almost $8 for the same 4 maps with the same images to find ! Come on now I thought that there would be different maps and images. This is a rip off!!!.
  73. Anita Hunt: Way too many ads I couldn't even type this on the game when they asked to rate the game cause an ad kept popping up that said how can anyone enjoy a game when an ad keeps popping up in the middle of it every 10 seconds it's really not fun to play.
  74. Frances Wyman: the game is great but, the flashing into commercials is harsh..
  75. Sonya Boroughs: I DONT REALY LIKE IT.
  76. Christy Edwards Napier: I love this game with constant motion .The difficulty level is not bad and no glitches yet🙂 Update you guys are fantastic game is working properly and is so much fun!!! Thank you🙂.
  77. Crystal Watford: Way to many ads, couldn't even stand to finish one game because there's just too many. There are much better options out there..
  78. Sheryl Pokorny: Too many ads. This is the first game I have ever deleted due to the amount of ads. It's frustrating and not even worth the download. I'm seriously mad about it because it has potential to be a good game, with various hard to find objects, it really was a good challenge. BUT no matter how good a game this could be, the gamer experience is completely terrible and being forced to watch ads so the developer makes money off of what's supposed to be a free to play game is just selfish and wrong..
  79. Carmelle Cardinal: It jam always and adds on top of that.
  80. Sam King: Too many adds.
  81. Dorothy Nelson: too many ads!.
  82. Monica Bohn: Way too many ads constantly interrupting the game every 15 or 20 seconds. I didn't even finish one game before coming back to uninstall..
  83. Michelle Potts: Too many ads!! You literally play the same three boards over and over!.
  84. Laurel Aydelotte: This game is fun and addictive!!.
  85. Ashlee Beavers: it definitely would be funner if there wasn't so many ads..
  86. Lord have Mercyonme: I love this app it's fun it lasts a long time but it keeps not responding like before I can even get one level done it's so annoying and the ads are every 30 seconds.
  87. Laura Wilson Gesicki: $8 for no ads every 20 seconds?! You overestimated yourself. I didnt/couldn't even finish the first game before I Un-installed it. Too bad, it was fun to play.
  88. brenna: love it, super fun.
  89. Kari w: Lots of fun. Needs more levels. The ads are just ridiculous. Every few minutes is ads. It's more ads than game time.
  90. Michelle Bauch: I love these games!!! Need more of them and need more levels for the games you DO have!!! Awesome 👍😎.
  91. Barbara Phillips: Love the game but after finishing the game it did not go to another puzzle! So sorry!!.
  92. Lovely Victoria: It has way too many dam ads can't even play with a bit of peace dam other than that it be an awesome game but every other piece I find there's another ad it's ridiculous deleting the game cus of the stupid repeated ads.
  93. Melissa Prete: EDIT : THE DEVELOPERS SEEM TO HAVE FIXED ANY ISSUES I HAD WITH THE GAME LOCKING UP. They also responded quickly to my email about the issue. THANK YOU. Old review : Game has locked up twice, so bad that I have to uninstall and reinstall. I'm trying one more time, then I'm done. It's just not worth it..
  94. Gwynne Greene: Having trouble with paying for the ads to stop. Everytime I click the option to buy, it dosnt allow me to. Can you fix this issue?.
  95. Cindy McIntyre: WAAAAAAYYYYY too many ads!!!.
  96. Angela Roggers: All items found on lvl 9, but it won't end the level and return to map..
  97. Carole Raddatz: I'm stuck. Have one thing to find. A flashlight. It's NOTwhere they say it is. Don't know what to do..
  98. Angel Scovens-Thomas: This is a neat singal player game. After finding all the hidden objects you move to the next level. Some levels the objects are so tiny that you can barely see them in the picture. The colors are bright and vibrant. And the graphics are very detailed. I do like playing this game. I play it several times a day every day..
  99. DonnaJean Heim-McWhite: Greedy developers have ruined yet another game! Constant ads, requests for a review, and many interruptions make this an incredibly useless app. Think Twice before wasting your memory on this. Too bad, it could have been a nice game. I uninstalled after just 5 minutes.🤨👎👐😣.
  100. V L: Fun but an ad like every 30 secs ruining the game for me because when I start to get into it while searching for objects the ad cuts me off..
  101. Rose “Roiza”: Love the challenge. It keeps my mind active.
  102. brandy blizzard: Could be a good game but there's only one level!!!! So goodbye!!! Oh an forget about the gifts cards cause there is NONE!!!!.
  103. Justina Soto: Misleading... you don't win anything for playing and the ads are unbearable..
  104. Zara Payne: fun.
  105. Pat Hawley: fun game but way too many commercials..
  106. Shawn Toney: I like the game but I only played a few levels. It stays on the last level that I played..
  107. issa-Me-lissa Caldwell: Having issue going to the next stage since last update it won't move forward to next level?.
  108. Jennifer Page Feddersen: kind of fun for me.
  109. A Google user: I should have read the reviews before purchasing the game!! What a waste of money! 3 scenes to play and no way to get any more levels to come up!.
  110. K Wolf: Nice game but too many ads.
  111. Gabby Vigil: I have never had so many adds in a game. The objects are barely even hidden. Played for 1 minute and uninstalled.
  112. Luh Redd: 4tdxd Dr yhchhud.
  113. Delilah “Lulu” Bachand: Great Game.
  114. Monica Weaver: Overrun with ads, makes it unplayable. Couldn't even get through one level before I uninstalled it in disgust..
  115. Joy Allen: Fun game just to many ads... U play abt 10 seconds & then theres another ad... Deleting this game asap....
  116. Dietrich Stallsworth: I liked the game, until it completely froze on one level and has zero way out of it. Very sad..
  117. bhavin vaidya: so many ads.
  118. Sarah Wright: Fun but didn't like the adds coming up ever min.
  119. Gail Wilson: Fun game, but far too many ads. I expected some, because I didn't upgrade but ads every 35 seconds is a but extreme! I am uninstalling..
  120. Bailey Hall: Needs less adds and more game levels..
  121. Kate Mohr: It's fun, it's on the easier end so my 3 year old can join with me to search. However every 5 taps or getting 3 items in a row sets of an ad. It hurts the eyes when you're trying to see and look for something small then a big flashy ad pops up, and about 25% of the time you misclick the ad so you fight to get back to the game. It would be better to have an ad play before the level and after you finish the level, during is just painful to deal with..
  122. Lupine Matriarch: Cute idea but bad experience. Intrusive ads over the bottom of the screen to where I can't see the items im supposed. Non responsive items on the board. Weird and random lag where the screen suddenly jumps from one side to the other or zooms in for no reason. Just....not fun..
  123. R H: Ad pop up about every 20 seconds; I will not keep.
  124. Shelby Sweigert: Used to love this game but finished and now it will not let me advance to the next level. Yes there were ads but its a free game. But when we finish one level and get stuck there that is not ok . I will be deleted this game.
  125. Becky Burch: I was interrupted 35 times by ads in the first puzzle! I realize that the developers are insane! I know that they need ads to keep the game free but it's 35 ads in less than 15 minutes! And during game play! It's disruptive and impossible to concentrate in a search for hidden objects puzzle with the ad interruption being every 15 seconds! Yes I timed the ads! Not enjoyable enough to play let alone keep! Will be uninstalling! Scavenger hunt has less ads!.
  126. Laura Stanley: I understand having ads but when the first game is interrupted twice before you are even half way through? No it isn't worth it.
  127. Skylar: Too many ads.
  128. Merri Leatherwood: Great game after you pay for no ads!.
  129. Blaze Willis: Whoever made this game is not cool at all. I had to play the same levels and I don't like it.
  130. Carol Coffey: Fun game but WAY too many ads. Like one every minute or so..
  131. M D: This is definitely a poor cousin to popcore games! Zero challenge here..
  132. J C: For every 10 seconds of play, there's 5 seconds of ads. Incredibly frustrating..
  133. Monique Rogers: I would give more stars but everytime I find three items here comes a ad out of nowhere I understand you need ads but sheesshh.
  134. Suzanna “nana” Gonzales: Too many ads.
  135. Tina Sanchez: I love these types of games. I really like this one but the ads are horrible. Every minute, well maybe not even that long. From the very beginning there were around 17 ads throughout the FIRST game. It is SO annoying..
  136. Kristen Lasker: Total rip-off. There are only 3 scenes. Got rid of the ads before I knew there were so few levels..
  137. Joh N. Doe: I paid for ad free but every now and then it closes out and hides some things again :(.
  138. Semi Eita: It's a decent idea but the objects are incredibly obvious, the game is super laggy, there's a crazy amount of ads (one every 15-45 seconds) and some objects are really hard to click. There are a few apps that do this much better..
  139. Cathi Valdez: I liked this game I really did its cute, but I began to become frustrated by how many ADS THERE IS! After this it became hard to even play! I have been annoyed by this for not even a day and have already uninstalled the app :( Fix this for better things..
  140. Janet Tunney Peck: I think this could be fun, but it seems every 15 seconds of gameplay is interrupted by a 30 second ad..
  141. A Google user: There's ads every 40 sec. I am so disappointed because I really enjoy the graphics. I finally quit. I didn't even get to finish the first puzzle. I rarely give negative reviews. I feel like if you don't have something positive to say then don't say anything at all, but this app was rediculas. The ads ruined it..
  142. Jlynn8210: Entirely tooo Many ads! Can't even look for everything as ads are constantly popping up!.
  143. Fonda Harris: love the game. dislike the constant ad interruptions.
  144. Andre Smith: Dre.
  145. savanna smith: How do I get rid of all the ads?🤬.
  146. Shannon Colson: so many ads , just way too many. so sad.
  147. Brian Allen: Pop up every 20 seconds. No thanks!.
  148. Pam Neale: This is a knockoff of "Hidden Folks" (download that one it's worth it) I hit the trophy three or four times before it even registered 1/4... all you have to do is hit anything that's small, anything not a person or a piece of furniture, etc. tap on all the small things you eventually get them all, there's no searching. Ads popped up way too often and an ad at the bottom covers up the list of things you're supposed to find. If there was a "zero" I'd give it that..
  149. Lori Carson: wow this is the best game I've ever played you should play this game to!👍♥️.
  150. Shannon Barrett: There's too many commercials.

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Putanga: 2.9.5.
Android e hiahiatia ana: 6.0.
Aromātai: 1129.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone.
Tāuta: 50,000+.
Hua: .
Kaihanga: Stefania Rastegaeva.
Pooti: 4.5.
Pāhekoheko: .
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