Frozen City Mod

Frozen City (MOD_HACK)

He keemu whaihanga hanga taone i roto i te apocalypse o te hukapapa me te hukarere. Frozen City Mod v1.0.2

Whakahou: 25/01/2023

Tikiake Frozen City Mod 1.0.2 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 6.0

He keemu whaihanga hanga-taone kua whakatakotoria i roto i te putunga hukapapa. Ko koe te Tumuaki o te taone whakamutunga o te whenua, me kohikohi koe i nga rawa me te hanga i te hapori.
Kohikohi rauemi, toha kaimahi, torotoro i te koraha, raupatu i nga taiao kino, me te whakamahi i nga momo tikanga kia ora ai.

Ahuatanga Keemu:
🔻Survival Simulation
Ko nga morehu nga ahuatanga taketake o te keemu. He tino kaimahi ratou ki te pupuri i te taone nui. Whakaritea o morehu ki te kohi rauemi me te mahi ki nga momo whakaurunga. Kia tupato ki te oranga tinana me te oranga hinengaro o nga morehu. Mena ka poto te kai, ka heke iho ranei te mahana i raro i te mīti, ka mate pea nga morehu; mena he iti ake te ahua o nga mahi me nga ahuatanga o te noho, ka puta he whakahee.

🔻Tirohanga Mara
Kei roto te taone nui ki tetahi whenua tooo mohoao. I te tipu haere o te roopu morehu, tera ano nga roopu torotoro. Tukuna he haerenga ki te whakararu me te tiki taonga whaihua ake. Tuwherahia te korero i muri mai i tenei parekura hukapapa!

He whakataki keemu:
🔸Te hanga taone: kohikohi rawa, torotoro i roto i te ngahere, pupuri i nga hiahia taketake o te tangata, taurite te hanga me te tuku

>🔸Waihanga hanga: tukatuka rauemi mata ki ia ra. nga mea e matea ana, whakaritea he tauwehenga whakaputa tika, whakapai ake i nga mahi o te taone

🔸Tohaina nga mahi: tohaina nga morehu ki nga tuunga rereke, penei i nga kaimahi, nga kaiwhaiwhai, nga kaitao, aha atu. Kia mau ki te hauora me te koa o o morehu. Akohia te mahi a te taone. Ka wheako i nga mahi whakaari uaua.

🔸Whakawhānuihia te taone nui: whakawhanake i te roopu morehu, hanga etahi atu kainga hei kukume i nga morehu.

🔸Kohikohia nga toa: ko nga hoia, ko nga roopu roopu ranei, ko te mea nui ehara i te waahi e tu ana, ko wai ranei, engari ko wai ka whai. Tohua ratou ki te awhina i te taone nui.

Tikina kore utu Frozen City (MOD_HACK) mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.0.2. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. He keemu whaihanga hanga taone i roto i te apocalypse o te hukapapa me te hukarere. I whakawhanakehia e Century Games Pte. Ltd.. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 6.0. Everyone 10+.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Wewete KATOA
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Wewete VIP
  • - Whakaterenga
  • - Kore Panui

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Tikiake Free Ki To Waea
  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Wewete Koreutu
  • - Wewete Putanga Katoa

Kua whakarewahia te taone nui o Frozen City..

He korero hou

  1. ArMaN ES: Love the game, it has fantastic atmosphere, gameplay and navigation is also pretty nice and simplistic..
  2. BlackRaven666: Cool game. But have bugs pleas fix it.
  3. Oguntoyinbo Tosin: This game is really fun It's the best I've played Besides the wishing star glitch 🥴.
  4. Souheir Roushdy: This game is very cool🤗🤗.
  5. Clement Sola Gratia (Cle): I just play in stage 2 city,when I got the second hero who work in the mine says to go in world map to find a star.after I enter world map I can't progress anymore no matter what I do, please fix this problem 😭.
  6. ارمي بلينك: تجنن 😊💕.
  7. Radu Alice: I absolutely LOVE this game!! It's one of the few good apps on google play..
  8. Farris Purwoko (Tukang Pintu): Just...perfect.
  9. 3li At: It have glitch at the second town why?.
  10. Joshua Galvan: so far so good . 👍.
  11. Broke Guy: Shouldn't Arthur be automatically unlocked when we build the Iron Mine in 3rd City? Is it a Glitch?.
  12. Ahoora Bahrami: It's one of the best games on mobile I've ever played..
  13. Raouf Bng: A good game but it ther is a bit of bugs.
  14. mohamed ashif: i love you 😘.
  15. Bakunayawa: Yes, I knew it. Spent an hour with the game. It was comfortable at first because of course it's trying to draw the player in but as soon as you go to the next location. It'll push you to either watch your survivors starve and die pr buy some sht on the shop. Uninstalling. This is just another Idle game with slapped on "Winter-Survival" skin.
  16. Y: No way anyone tested this. Im stuck in the tutorial, i have maxed all the basic buildings and the normal fire uses more wood than i can produce with max buildings..
  17. marianka riekert: This game is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  18. Stevie Marie Denise Smith: Got a glitch in the town when you get your frist hero the coal Man he wants to go look for wishing power you have to go to map I go to map and it zooms in and semi freezes on zoom still got music and the snow blowing but ya can't leave the zoomed map which is only white Island quite annoying other then that so far so good can't play it cause of the coal Man right now please fix that thank you.
  19. PowerNovaGaming: This game is dope i really like the story, this game need more feature i likle it Sorry for bad english grammar.
  20. Alex Chave: By the time you get on stage 3 everything is super slow.
  21. JhinPai: the game is good but it stuck in begenning of the first night. Workres cannot work at night and there's no wood to keep fire alive. And now there's nothing to do. Is that a bug or I played that wrong? I'll be waiting for the future update.
  22. James Matthew Herrera: The game is good but the resources that we get on chests are scarce and eventually gets hard to obtain when we need them the most. more resource bar is also a much needed to track our gains because i find it hassle to tap the stats bar everytime. Overall, a nice solid experience and concept from a newly released game and looking forward to what this game will gonna be..
  23. Lightning Thunder: It took a little to load it up but after the whole screen was just pink I think this is a glitch it would follow the characters but didn't show them just pink. So I'm hoping they can fix this glitch because I think this is an interesting game..
  24. Walidwalid 2nd: Game is very good . But the idea that u must travel is frustrating. And when u do . The survivors number goes to back to 4 and u have to rebuild the kitchen and the small houses and Everything else is little bit bad ..
  25. zohaib j: This game is pretty good but crush problem and saveral bugs plz fix it.
  26. Nur Salsabila: I'll say it's a good game. It's pretty fun, especially if you don't have anything else to do, although, it can be a bit repetitive. Overall, it's pretty suitable for me..
  27. Stephanie Watkins: $30 is a little harsh for a monthly subscription for a mobile game. I am enjoying the game so far. Ads for resources at bottom can be missed the print is so tiny when you are focusing on gameplay. Music is beautiful. A bonus or multiplier for clearing towns or levels..
  28. Eli Klausner: The reason why this is not five stars, which it very well deserves, is because at the second location, in a cut scene discussing rare stars, the game continuesly stops at the map and does not allow progression. I thoughroughly enjoyed the game thus far but no matter how many times I tap my screen and reenter the app, I can no longer play. I would change this review if I was able to play the game for more than fifteen minutes..
  29. DarkestLight4U: It's a good game but it gets boring quick. You finish 1 area and just move on to the next. Should have just made it all 1 area. Pick a scenario and survive as long as possible..
  30. Nishant Chaudhari: Hey it's really nice game. Better than other cause it's have a story . My game stop on the 2nd city the James talking about wishing star ✨ when he want to take some people to have a look around fist . The map open zoom at the city 2 and hang there pls solve this ..
  31. Ali Mahdi: all the game in purple (glitch).
  32. André Schneider: Das Spiel ist wirklich sehr schön gemacht. Mit sehr vielen Details, die auch schön aufbereitet sind. Allerdings sind die In-App Käufe extrem. Werbefrei kostet 23€ PRO MONAT und ein paar Zusatzfeatures 36€ PRO MONAT. Es ist einfach nur abartig viel Geld für wenig Leistung. Ich hoffe, dass die Entwickler noch an den Preisen schrauben und es auf eine vernünftige Höhe einstellen. Ansonsten spiele ich es einfach weiterhin mit Werbeblocker..
  33. Aethan Pe: The game looks like it's exciting but when I try to play the game it suddenly exited the game.
  34. Sneaky_ Snake: A great game its fun addictive and overall pretty cool good job to the ones who made it I pre registered and I love it.
  35. hafiz hakimi: why i stuck at the gameplay when i get hero..pliss fix this bug,,i you fix this and i will give 5 star rating.
  36. azazealred: Legitimately one of the best idle games I've every played. Infinite resources? Short build times? Quick resource accumulation? These people actually care about the game they're making and aren't trying to do a quick cash grab. The graphics and storyline are great. The management and idle features are fantastic. Excellent job..
  37. Brayan Barrios: it's interesting.
  38. Fazli Hassan: The game freezes when the dude with wishing stars appears. After his dialogs, the game went back to map and started to zoom in the map. That's where the game freeze and stuck there. With good internet connnection too smh.
  39. Sagar Harane: Intresting, great graphics, enjoying.
  40. Yadanar Win: I love this game.The music is very attractive.The quality graphics that make up the game are very beautiful.December is my favorite so it's great to play a game like this.❄.
  41. Dixith SR: fantastic game ..I'm enjoying it so much.
  42. Anton Hrytsaienko: Beautiful game, nice sound and smooth work..
  43. Zaylynn Goins: Pretty decent but I have a feeling they stole the theme of a frozen City from the other game called frostpunk which is a WAY BETTER game then this.
  44. John Benedict Pastor: Bad.
  45. Amod Deshmukh: great game till now. looking to play this game further.
  46. Orben Wryght: Manage your resources in the frozen wasteland. Fun but predictable progression. Making sure you have enough food and fuel to survive. My biggest problem is monthly subscriptions in a mobile ad that doesn't really have a ton of content to provide. 30 dollars for 4 hour offline time instead of 2? A couple extra build queues? And 20 dollars for 1 month of ad free playing? No thanks. I'll see how grindy the game play gets before I gets too boring..
  47. Chan KH: It's easy at first but it gets harder and the resources you earned become so slow that you'll nid to spend a lot of time playing it. If you consider buying diamonds/skipping ads it require you to subscribe weekly/monthly and not one time purchase.
  48. Richard Bazar: amazing graphics & good for all new player!.
  49. William Estrada: Hey nice game but when in the part where it says about the wishing stars I go to the map but it doesnt show anything It is just the map and snow.
  50. Sam Wallace: Sorry I deleted my other review, how ever I have tried a total of about 15 times, and the game still won't let me in it just kicks me right off the app and I only got to the accepting the privacy policy once so if this could be fixed so I can access the game that would be great well if you can at least I can't wait to see the art in the game when I'm able to access it.
  51. Stevi Caffee: It seems like a great game but it isn't loading most of the time or freezing really bad then cutting off before you even get to enjoy it. Even while you play it freezes and now it won't even open 😭.
  52. Pedro Anthonio: good game i like the concept.
  53. Johnny D.: I love this game, it reminds me of The Long Dark by Hinterland Studios. Frozen City could easily be on top of mobile games, with updates, expansions and if they keep the monetization low, the game will be easily a perfect mobile game. Thank you for your hard work on this project!.
  54. Tommy Cruz: beautiful game.
  55. Name is ezio: very competitive game.
  56. Mirza Harraz: well I can say I love game survive like this have fight with monster and have city.
  57. Hailey Champagne: I was liking the game, but once I got to the part about the wishing stars, the game freezes. I exited out of the game and reloaded it, but still having the same issue..
  58. John Doe: Minimalistic FrostPunk clone, basic idle building core gameplay. Premium pack for 2 more build slots, no ads etc. 36€ PER MONTH!!! Are you insane?! I wouldn't pay that much for FFIVX Online, let alone a cheap mobile game... Edit: the base game is fine, the monetisation is terrible. Make it a one time purchase instead of a recuring one..
  59. Carlos Dianna Garcia: so good best I ever going to see five stars.
  60. Luke Lawman: Trash game..
  61. OdUz_90: actually good.
  62. Sin Collector: It's ok. Fun little time killer..
  63. Rüzgar İnal: Game doesn't work.
  64. maynard cuna: I like the game 👍.
  65. Munna Labu: Sir nice game.
  66. Dhairya Desai: For multiple city add away time bonus, also when moving to diff. city its worker start with fresh work instead continue..
  67. The The Toast: Amazing game :D.
  68. B R: I like it so far but I'm stuck in the warehouse where you make a mold. I unlocked the hero but can't assign anyone to work there so no molds are being made.
  69. Hector Fierro: this game is pretty good it might have its down falls but its still good plus it is fun and you unlock everything very easy and it is relaxing and enjoyable as you start to get more into the gameplay then it starts to get hard but still very fun so i recommend giving it a try its like prison empire well similar but still very good.
  70. Um Wai: awsome.
  71. Steven Brown: It's a great game, with little bugs or issues. I also like the interface and the controls. I seriously recommend this app to any and all people who love mobile games with a sense of adventure.
  72. Rampage Reynolds: Game refuses to load.
  73. Green Fire: Great game. Very well made and pretty straight forward. Only thing I think should be fixed is the fact that you eventually can't see all your resources without going to a different menu. Since wood is infinite on other cities, why not just remove it from the screen, it's not like you'll need to know how much you have. Replacing it with other resources would be a lot better..
  74. LEGO City Live Stream Official: Wow.
  75. L0nly None: Everything is good but it's not very interesting.
  76. Zay Zi: There's a bug right now where all I can see is a pink screen and the only thing I can do is interact with the game but I hope you fix this.
  77. Bubble: Early game with massive bugs, as u would expect.:/.
  78. Thi 2 Almeida: Bom pra quem gosta de jogos monótonos, não é meu caso.
  79. Shuda Himatsu: Great survivor simulation game and manage shelter like, however would be nice if we can play the survivor instead a overseer from above, nevertheless it's a great game.
  80. Deanna Castellanos: Won't open.
  81. Andre Diaz: There is a big because when the coal person say "I need to send some people to find the star it stucks on the map" so pls fix that.!.
  82. Dwi Nugroho: Not my cup of tea.Meh....
  83. HACKER SQUAD WELCOME.: It's a very nice and chill game.
  84. Eric Norris: Using S21Ultra; game stuck on loading screen. Waited about 5 minutes..
  85. Oemah Kucing: Better than I expected. Just don't rush everything or resources will go down fast and people start dying..
  86. Ar 15: Good game but it won't let me past one part.
  87. Jason Michael: I'm really liking the game so far. The devs were very responsive to my previous issues. About the only things I'd like to see changed so far is the addition of a fast forward button and the ability to see food in and out flows like other resources..
  88. BENJAMIN FRANCA: W app fr fr.
  89. John Williams: Good.
  90. Toxic Wolf: Fixed it.
  91. James Wiltfong: The first area seemed like most games of this genre. Once you get to the second area, depth happens and there is so many goodies. The only complaint, premium stuff is fairly costly subscription based. Not really needed and fairly expensive if wanted..
  92. Mr. Bragg: Nice little city builder/survival sim. Will keep playing..
  93. MERIAS: Ready to play.
  94. Lori-Ann Hammond: The game graphics is really beautiful but right now it's freezing at the part where I'm suppose to start sending out explorers. Edit: i restarted the game twice but there is still no difference..
  95. Trevor: Another pseudogame with the sole purpose of milking money out of idiots. $10 to remove ads and only for 1 month?? Nobody is stupid enough to pay $120 a year to play your unoriginal idle "hurry up and wait" game. I can't believe I preregistered for this trash. The ingame store doesn't show until you're done with the first city and then it's glaringly obvious that it's another greedy game with no real content. Create a fake problem, charge money to fix it. Why bother? Uninstalling to play Stardew.
  96. Josh Pink: Im on samsung s5 the whole screen is just purple i know its not my phone cus everything else is just fine will leave higher review when fixed.
  97. jethro Kash: Very interesting game. First comment btw and I'm not a npc💀.
  98. bratbrat AW: A pretty obvious Frostpunk ripoff, but it's somewhat decent. Just buy Frostpunk though..
  99. NeutralNeutron: This is honestly the most interesting game I've seen so far!.
  100. Dakota honeycutt: Amazing game, been waiting gon it forever.
  101. AXEL Aikawa: the game was good 👍🏻 and it's challenging too!!!.
  102. Ventedlight: Pretty good, only thing is, is that they're way to slow. But otherwise it's still good!.
  103. Megan Lambert: No real challenge, just waiting to collect. Uninstalled.
  104. Uday Kiran: In Map 2, when the game ask you to click on map for wishing star, its kind of zooming in into the map and getting stuck and unable to continue, tried to restart the game but no use..
  105. Linda Johnston: Just installed it & it's already having issues. The people & the buildings aren't showing up. I have a galaxy tablet. It seems to be an issue on my end. The game works fine on my phone It would be nice to be able to play it on my tablet & the option to move buildings around. Maybe even some decorations. I'm looking for more customization in a game..
  106. Mary Ashburn: I could handle that it took 6 tries to even get the game started but y'all have got to fix the ALL PINK SCREEN!!! I can't do anything because I can't see anything..
  107. Ali Gohar: Nice and amazing game, amazing experience..
  108. Jocar Sablada: I lile it pretty good game that realese.
  109. Quest Time: It's a pretty good game, it kinda reminds me of bonfire, I dont have anything against the game, but I'm on self improvement, I've decided to not play games though I'll admit I've already played three or so. Though I uninstalled all of them. Hope you have bright future..
  110. Zach Marshall: I love it 10 out of 10 recommend.
  111. Christopher Fortune-Holland: Everything is timed..
  112. Mason Smith: I was waiting so long for this game I was interested in it until all this was an joke. disappointed.I'm not rating it one star because it just came out but still disappointed that I couldn't play the game.
  113. Kazunowa Hanemiya: There's a bug when you're in Valley City when the hero, James, is introducing the wishing star, and then when you tap the map, it will zoom the map and stay stuck forever.(please fix this ASAP because i already inlove in this game)..
  114. Garett Wixom: Super fun 10/10.
  115. Joe: So far seems pretty good, has a storyline which is nice and a good tutorial. It would nice if there were different soundtracks we could pick from and also if we could control the volume of the music and game play sounds. Pretty solid start good job 👏 also merry Xmas 🎄 🎅.
  116. joel nv: Good game.
  117. Dagger Reen: New gaming Experience~.
  118. Powerfulshammy: game not good where's landscape mode and can't get past loading screen. Using Android 11 phone.
  119. Mikhael Anthony: gwahhh , the primary material productions too slow to finish primary quests.
  120. Damian: Boring.
  121. Alex McGowan: This game is really good.
  122. Quin Decim: A nice more forgiving version of frostpunk (i guess? just 30 mins of gameplay so might edit after) just one thing that puts me off, the hunters of the hunter cabin should look for a herd of animals (like 3 or 5 deers or boars, rabbit, etc) and shoots at them with bows or guns etc rather than jerking off behind a random tree then meat just magically appear in their hands. I will really like to see them actually hunt animals..
  123. James Newman: If I could give you a half star rating I would. Seems kind of funny that it won't go past the very first loading screen. And then when it did when except the terms of using app it wouldn't do nothing. now I can't even get into the game. This is a brand new game and it doesn't even work. how do you people get away with this?.
  124. Ray Favors: super fun.
  125. Mounir EDG: Finally works.
  126. Joshua Wigington: Game will not start. Code 503.
  127. windy young: Can't play cause it will not load! Tried 5 times. I've received a notice that you have responded, but there is nothing here. I'd also like to say that there are no other reviews yet it seems you have a few 5 star reviews!?! Hmmm how can you review when it won't load..
  128. A.N. Other: Game freezes while loading.
  129. Arnel Playz: Hi why game loading is stuck I can't play. it does it need internet to play?.
  130. Jun Siang: Game doesn't load.
  131. DrunkHorse INN: Just kept crashing in the Loading In phase. I'll just wait until the game is proper working..
  132. Pandu ranga reddy: After hero got unlocked, game is lagging at a particular spot on map. I even restarted the game but that issue still exists..
  133. Celenia Reanoz: this game is the best I like when I saw this I said I gotta get this is the best game I ever seen(:.
  134. Wesley Owens: Right now I am giving a 3 because I can't even get into the game.
  135. Marc Bianzon: Stuck in loading screen with error code 503 service unavailable.
  136. Calvin Jeff Paredes: Crashes and unable to log in. Good idle game but needs some tuning..
  137. Death Ringer: I can't even get in keeps saying bad gateway...
  138. Felix DeAerance: Frostpunk on the phone !.
  139. Trish Baydo: Timers are way too slow, and resources are way too slim. Game could be really great just needs some tweaks with balance of resources and timers.
  140. Personal E-mail: 1 star because at first there was a getuserdata error and then after uninstalling and reinstalling, there was a 503/server login error. I'm going to give it a few hours and check back in before bed to see if the problem has been fixed..
  141. Marcus ́ Jofre: No work this game.
  142. lisa boudreaux: Game is interesting and keeps my attention. Will continue to play and explore this new game..
  143. Moon Light: Hi i need some help i cant open the game it says bad gateway.
  144. lundyn roberts: Game will not load.
  145. xOrng_: Loving the game so far great job developers plus haven't had any bugs yet besides the server being down overall I would say w game.
  146. Ev Germanova: Not a lot of exploring, not a lot of building, but a lot of mindless waiting. It feels like a Frost Punk rip off, I was a little excited about this game, however I'm disappointed to discover its more or less just and idle game..
  147. SATOU KAZUMA: It says trustfailure so I can't play it 😂 The game now has emotional damage😂 Joke aside please fix it I really want to play it. 😁👌.
  148. Ryan james Corpuz: Nc game i waiting this game.
  149. Name Last: First.
  150. Gg Ed (Artsu): Not working Cant open a game.

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Aromātai: 2830.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone 10+.
Tāuta: 100,000+.
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Kaihanga: Century Games Pte. Ltd..
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