I Love Hue Mod

I Love Hue [HACK,MOD]

He haerenga ngawari ki te tae me te tirohanga. I Love Hue Mod v1.2.3

Whakahou: 23/11/2022

Tikiake I Love Hue Mod 1.2.3 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 4.0.3

Ko te kēmu puzzle mātiti karakara taketake!

I Love Hue he haerenga ngawari ki te tae me te tirohanga. Whakaritea ano te mosaic o nga taera tae ki roto i te awhiowhio tino pai. He mea hanga mo nga kaakaro e aroha ana ki nga keemu puzzle i hangaia ataahua, ki te hunga ranei e hiahia ana ki te ata noho marire.

“Tae, marino me te pakiki” – Pocket Gamer
“He ataahua te ahua” – Kotaku UK

Nga Tae – He tino pai mo te neke i ia taera ki roto i te tuāwhiorangi POSITION
HARMONY – Waihangahia he raupapa mai i te hepohepo tae
SENSE – Ako ki te kite i te rereketanga iti rawa i waenga i nga tae rite
SERENITY – Ngaro koe i roto i te ao marino o te tae me te marama

Nga waahanga:

* Te whakaari i runga i te tae-tae – he panga o te tirohanga, kaua i te arorau
* Te ahua o te ahua o te ao hou – te mahi toi ka taea te purei
* Waiata whakahiato whakangawari
* Maha. purei aratau – ngaro koe i roto i TE WHAKARANGA, wero ranei koe i roto i TE UIRA!
* Neke atu i te 900 nga taumata hei whakaoti
* Whakatauritehia to mahi ki te toharite o te ao ka whiua kia iriti i nga whakatutukitanga

Tikina kore utu I Love Hue [HACK,MOD] mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.2.3. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. He haerenga ngawari ki te tae me te tirohanga. I whakawhanakehia e Zut!. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 4.0.3. Everyone.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Nga hoko kore utu
  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Whakaterenga
  • - Sprint
  • - Wewete VIP

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Kore utu
  • - Tikiake Wewete
  • - Kaore he Ngaronga Moni
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Wewete Ka utua

+ Tautoko mo te Android 10
+ Ngana ki te whakatika i te tukinga i te wa e takiuru ana ki a Google Play – tena koa whakamarama mai mena kei te raru tonu koe!.

He korero hou

  1. Lollye Martin: Very kind and zen.
  2. Jackie: I'm a digital artist and a big fan of color gradients, so I absolutely love this game, and feel like it's teaching me a thing or two about color combos to boot! It's engaging, relaxing, and really flexes the puzzle muscle (to use a technical term). Sure the ads are annoying in the free version, but that just means I'll get the paid one when I can. c:.
  3. Binno Bino: Literally 10/10, i love this game its so relaxing.
  4. Renee Nelson: I love this game!!!.
  5. Cheryl Johnson: Ocd addictive and relaxing.
  6. Aubrey Elizabeth: This game helps me calm down and relax.
  7. Cindy Kirby: It's fun!.
  8. Jasper Johns: I love color so this helps me with other creative ideas I'm working on.
  9. Nicky Clarke: Loved this game for years ❤️.
  10. Evan White: Amazing.
  11. Rane Kwapien: Really enjoying this game. Fun, relaxing, and so pretty!!!.
  12. Maz Britton: Simply the best. I've played I love Hue every morning for the past 3 months as it's the absolute perfect start to my day; gentle stimulation exploring the wonders of colour. Payed to remove ads straight away which was extremely good value. I'm about halfway through the 1000 levels and not looking forward to running out! Perfect seamless gameplay, challenging yet relaxing, I can't recommend enough. Every level makes me want to get some paints out. Thank you for a perfect game!.
  13. S Rose: Really enjoy the concept, but unfortunately it keeps crashing after playing each game. I have to close out the app completely before moving on to the next game..
  14. Suzanne Brown: Love this game. Minimal ads.
  15. Adam Tomasulo: It's a nice game! Nothing too special, but a nice concept executed well. There are some minor things I would suggest be added, like a way to make all of the tiles that are locked in place disappear so I can see better. But still, solid 4 stars, 8/10 mobile game!.
  16. Jesse Gehman: Very relaxing experience. It's great to play with you have a few minutes to kill and you don't want to focus on anything complicated. I've really enjoyed playing..
  17. Joey Carbajal: Love this game so much <3.
  18. Jennifer Carroll: Very cerebral, relaxing game..
  19. Kirsty Malcolm: Relaxing and therapeutic.
  20. music playlists: Fun and relaxing to play..
  21. Dina Yamaleyeva: Love this game! But for some reason, it stopped giving daily 15 prisms?! Edit: daily prisms work now! But now the connection says it doesn't work?.
  22. Karrie Mazzola: This is one of my favorites 🙂so five stars.
  23. Hailey Clausen (LittleLakeLady): Love the game. It's a amazing experience beautiful visuals..
  24. TOBE GOX: Simple but fun, and without to many adds..
  25. Simón Smith: Careful, this app has ads that can't be muted, even if the volumen of the mobile is at zero. Uninstalling right away..
  26. Kenzley Hudson: It's fun and a good mindless game :) love.
  27. Jaiden Hesley: OBSESSED!.
  28. Jannah Nusrat: Great relaxing game!!! Very calming and gives a lot of satisfaction⭐.
  29. Blair Shinner: This game is very relaxing..
  30. Grace Doerner Art: Wellbeing, Wellness, truly wonderful for learning to see colour theory. Eye therapy for eye exercises. Thankyou we need more apps like this..
  31. Trista Mountsier: Beautiful.
  32. Violet Kitt: Good for adhd.
  33. Laura Pantaleone: Love it!.
  34. Sally Kuhlenschmidt: Enjoyable and soothing. Worth the additional coat to get rid of ads..
  35. Fakhruddin Attarwala: " I Love Hue " Is a Very Nice Application it is JI..
  36. Amy Hall: Great game.
  37. Dana Burgy-Gautschi: Relaxing. I would play more if the icons to move to another app window quickly didn't disappear during play..
  38. Diane P: Totally relaxing… if you pay to get rid of the ads. I'm finding that it's absolutely worth it..
  39. BusterbobGirlyBoo (PROPER CHILD): I've loved playing this game for years.. very relaxing, occasionally challenging..no complaints at all. Thanks for creating this app.
  40. FënriršBëtã: Absolutely adorable I've played it in the past and will definitely be aying it again!.
  41. Nke L.: Time killer.
  42. Cath Jenno: Totally addictive & oh so satisfying!.
  43. Popularfanlol: Fun :P.
  44. Selvia Darmayanti: Love it!.
  45. black heart -w-: Love this game and the part two. I would give five stars but something happened. I've been playing this game for over a year and occasionally get bored of it and Uninstall it, data is totally fine and saved whenever i re-downloaded. I just went through one of those phases and re-download only to have my hard work deleted :/.
  46. Shannon Kimball: Fun distraction from life. Calming. I don't get to do art lately due to small kids, but makes me think about colors and purposeful placement..
  47. A Google user: Love. Ads are acceptable..
  48. Eric Allison: Relaxing, enjoyable, and the ad experience is fair..
  49. Lisa Mulube: I find it very calming.
  50. Gabby G (개비): Absolutely love this game. So therapeutic and relaxing. Ads aren't too bad but it's not expensive to remove them. You have the option to watch ads to earn prisms but honestly this game is so good I just paid to remove the ads. Worth the download!.
  51. Simone Scott: Sometimes the squares are too small so I click the wrong one but other than that I absolutely love it...
  52. Jamie Bloomer: Needs new updates please.
  53. Kevin Meath: Simple, relaxing, and challenging.
  54. Denise N: I loved this game at first, but lately the ads have started playing at a jarringly loud volume, even when my phone is on silent, set to do not disturb, and ad volume is shown as muted. I must listen to the annoying sound as I unmute and mute again to stop it. I enjoy the game but am about to uninstall because of this. So disappointing!.
  55. Cassie G: This is such a good game! It only shows ads after you play a level, but never on the first 10 levels. You get 15 free prisms every day, and there's hundreds of levels! Would rate 6 stars, PLEASE download!.
  56. Martha Tebbits: I love colors and it's very addicting.
  57. DJ Salad: Ads very annoying. Moving onto the next level takes an annoyingly long amount of time. Also, too many levels.. yeah I like to complete things, but this is too much. Nice design and aesthetics..
  58. Melanie Eccles: Engaging and simple concept that is fun and relaxing.
  59. Violet Chidester: It's a really good game??? Idk what to say I recommend it though....
  60. Ludmila: Relaxing.
  61. Riddhima Singh: I give it 5 stars because it has everything if you are searching for a good fantastic offline enjoyable game you are in the right place just download this.
  62. Grace Carriveau: So far it's pretty fun. I didn't like the ads between games but for a 1.99 purchase of stars, they go away. That's worth it to me..
  63. Shannon Frier: Very relaxing and fun!.
  64. Travie Johnson: Having to buy prisms to be able to play the game is really inconvenient and will push people away from playing it.
  65. judy: Love the game. But lately my game is crashing. Please fix..
  66. Morgan Phipps: Pretty and fun. Lots of adds, but that's the only issue.
  67. cynthia smith: Relaxing and surprising.
  68. Anime Lover: So calming. I love this game and have for years..
  69. Jan Spenski: Very relaxing game!.
  70. Scar Ryan: Amazing.
  71. Leanne Fahey: Lovely game, very relaxing.
  72. Tamrah Waite Newby: Helps with focusing....
  73. Virginia Dorman: Very relaxing.
  74. L J: I love the challenge of this simple game and how it helps me with my anxiety or if I'm feeling overstimulated and need to regroup so I can focus again..
  75. Chris Nejfelt: Relaxing, no stress game. Game essentially gives you 5x puzzle credits for each daily login. Ads disappear for the lowest credit purchase, which is about a dollar or two. So anyone complaining about ads cant read or dont have two bucks..
  76. Forest Sage Hamilton: Relaxing and calming. A great way to unwind.
  77. Lake Wisdom: I love it.
  78. John Houlihan: Sublime.
  79. Anna Katharina Gottwald: very funny to play but its sad when you have to wait 12h to continue.
  80. L Lawliet: literally my favorite game. challenging but relaxing as well. so satisfying to see the end result too..
  81. Rachel Walker: Challenging but relaxing..
  82. Paula: I love this game. I play it in the evening to help calm my mind. Not many adverts either which is a bonus.
  83. Rajveer Kaur: Really a good app for adults and kids too. Those who are interested in arts or colouring this app is best for you to know how to make out the perfect combination of colours....
  84. Lisa Burnett: So addicted to this game - for almost a decade!!!.
  85. Gaz Miller: Fun, colorful game :) it's a nice way to do something simple and give your mind a break.
  86. Kaylynn Johnsen: Really good exercise for eyes and brain..
  87. Amanda Grice: Surprisingly stimulating, really enjoying the challenges.
  88. Md Danish: Amazing game. Really relaxed me..
  89. Ella Sarlot: This game helps me IMMENSELY with my anxiety. Some weeks ago I was into a packed subway wagon and could feel my agoraphobia waking up so I grabbed my phone and opened this app, which helped me calm down almost immediately. It's very satisfying - matching the colours and "creating" the correct image. I'm so so glad this game exists. So thank you devs ❤️.
  90. Rebecca Booth-Fox: So satisfying!.
  91. Seriella Hablitzel: simple little game to satisfy my artist brain!! it gives me colour palette ideas for my doodles too ♡ could have less ads tho.
  92. Dani Smith: Finally a crossword puzzle for people who love color!.
  93. Trishanjit laha 2b09: I love colours like blue and red etc etc this puzzle colour game is so amazing thanks to the developer to make this awsome game.
  94. Larry Chy: Awesome relaxing game. Can get difficult in later stages..
  95. Macen: Incredible game and made it not to hard to finish the level but still a good challenge..
  96. Danaya Harutyunyan: I love this game!!! I wanna complete all of it! I'm so grateful to the devs for adding in the watch an ad for prisms option, and it's pretty generous with the prisms too! I also downloaded I Love Hue Too so I can play that too once I'm finished with this one. Good job devs!!!.
  97. Naniko Bilova Nauli: This gotta be my favorite relaxing puzzle game. Simple but satisfying design, no annoying ads, pretty colors.
  98. JaY PaGaN: I'm colorblind.
  99. Linda Rexrode: It's perfect..
  100. Lenor Tillman: Love this! Relaxing, yet challenging. Thank Hue!.
  101. Erin miles: This game is very relaxing!.
  102. Jess O'Brien: Fun.
  103. layla m: Really fun, free app always play when bored.
  104. Alex Diaz: Classic, been playing for 5 years.
  105. Erica “Sadhaka” Swick: Very relaxing.
  106. Dolly Miller: I've played this game before .....absolutely love it....
  107. Kai Tilvan: Very calming and good to keep my eyes keen..
  108. Karen Campbell: Fun..
  109. Yds Thompson: ☆☆☆☆☆ very good app.
  110. Tog_owo: Good if your looking for a calming puzzle game about color.
  111. Richard Hefner Jr: It's a great game. It's challenging and relaxing in a wieed way. I don't like the Inclusion of prisms to play levels, but ive never run out so yeah. Only mobile game I haven't turned off notifications on because all it sends is a brief notice when you get your daily prism refill. Not very colorblind friendly, but I don't think it's possible to make a game like this colorblind friendly :/.
  112. Abigail Phelps: Sooooo good. No ads at all, no money spent..
  113. Mark Hunt: Reporting the Inappropriate phone locked up ads to Google..
  114. A Andrus: Very relaxing. Just what I need..
  115. Helen Franks: I love this game. I just re-download again. I don't remember all the adds when I first had it. They do get annoying..
  116. Mary Poffenbarger: Very peaceful and great to refocus and calm my mind.
  117. Galaxydeer: hehe.
  118. Rahi Gudda: I so ❤️ this app. Nothing can top my list for favorite games other than this.
  119. prawnfriend: Its fun.
  120. M Evans: One of my friends called Hugh and it's said the same as Hue. A friend saw this and showed it to me, I had to install it..
  121. Sarah Blake: I'm really enjoying playing this. There are very few adverts which is a big plus. This is just a fun way to spend a little downtime and use your brain too..
  122. Tallon The awsome: It's a really pleasant relaxing game!.
  123. Kerri-Leigh Grady: My favorite casual game. It's meditative, mesmerizing, and an absolute joy to play. Puzzles become increasingly complex, so each one is a challenge, but they're never impossible. I've played through once and test my progress to replay. I can def see restarting several more times since it won't likely get old. Of course, part 3 would be amazing, too. I played the original after this one and thought it would have been fun if I hadn't been spoiled by this one first..
  124. lara messerich: great for relaxing.
  125. Janina Cuadra: This game is so much fun and so relaxing! I play it in the evening to unwind and de-stress, or first thing in the morning to get my brain working and awake for the day. I can't wait to finish this game and download "I Love Hue 2"! :).
  126. Ruth Mathusek: I love seeking out the subtly in the colors. Certainly not for the color blind, but for those that can see the depth of color. It tests your ability to seek variations in color..
  127. Katie Geldhof: A very relaxing and enjoyable game. Simple and calming..
  128. Poppy Teddy: Very good..
  129. Nano A.K.: Color blind?.
  130. May ann Manuel: So boring!!!.
  131. Cornelia Pierce: It takes me a while, but it is soothing.
  132. Miriam: It's fun.
  133. freep freep: This is functionally a great game utterly ruined by forcing the player to pay for credits and watch ads, which are required each time you want to play a level. The only free alternative is to subject yourself to more advertising only for them to drip you a couple levels a day. They start you with a set amount of credits so that if you end up using them up you've gotten hooked on the game already. Give us a paid app with no credit system or ads. The scumminess behind this app is disgusting..
  134. Tracy Lucas: Fun! Works your brain.
  135. Entesar M. H.: Relaxing yet also focusing..
  136. Melantha Fereira: Nice.
  137. Bossy Lil Sister: Unique. Restful and not overly challenging. I like this game very much..
  138. Dani Nalley: i love this game so much i could play it all day it's so satisfying to match it all perfectly and i feel like it's training my eyes to be more exact, it's also a fun way of showing color theory. i love the aesthetic of it and i love the sweet little messages it gives you when you beat the average they make my whole day. no one has ever called me a wonderous sunbeam before and i think i deserve to be called that. i think everyone should play this game because it really puts you in a good mindset..
  139. Chahat Nand: This game is very nice, calming and fun. It helps me practice with differences in shades and colors. Just the only thing that is a small inconvenience is that when you run out of prisms you can't do much after, but I'm glad you get gifted with more everyday though. I've only started recently so there might be more to see!.
  140. Cameron Giles: So calming, so beautiful..
  141. Spoopy Poet: This is honestly so relaxing that I will play it between my classes to calm down. The colors are bright, the instructions are simple and easy, and the completion of each pullzd is satisfying. There are some many puzzles that you won't finish the game for a long time..
  142. Robyn Lynne Klemptner: I love matching colour.
  143. Emmie Hayes: I really enjoy this game, and it's sequel. I find it very relaxing to play and oddly satisfying when I get the colors to line up. --Ranked 4 instead of 5 due to number of ads. I understand they're necessary to fund the games, but I think there's too MANY. Thanks..
  144. Nicole Shalabi: Relaxing! Just tricky enough..
  145. Leeannah Champion: Absolutly worth the Dowload.
  146. Fox: I LOVE THIS APP!!! It has helped me with my OCD. It is so nice and relaxing to play on! I DEFINITELY recommend ❤️❤️❤️.
  147. Sherry Rev: Relaxing.
  148. Goldie: *very* fun! The adds are a little annoying, but each puzzle is immensely satisfying.
  149. Cal Gist: Very neat! I wish there was more story though..
  150. Stephany Mahaffey: Fun, soothing, gradient challenges, and ads are minimal..

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Putanga: 1.2.3.
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Aromātai: 261336.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone.
Tāuta: 5,000,000+.
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Pooti: 4.7.
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