Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games Mod

Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games {HACK & MOD}

Whakatangihia te keemu taera makutu ahurei kaore koe e kitea ki hea me nga rau o nga waiata pai. Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games Mod v1.0.26

Whakahou: 23/11/2022

Tikiake Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games Mod 1.0.26 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 4.4

Whakamātauria ta maatau piana makutu me te keemu reo he maha nga waiata rongonui me te ahurei kaore i kitea i etahi atu keemu piana.

– Neke atu i te 100 nga waiata rongonui kua whakahoutia ia marama.
– Waiata a nga kaiwaiata rongonui o te ao. | Koia tena! !

Na, kia rite ki te whakamatau Piano Magic mo te kore utu! Ko tenei keemu piana whakaihiihi he uaua ake i to whakaaro.

Tikina kore utu Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games {HACK & MOD} mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.0.26. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Whakatangihia te keemu taera makutu ahurei kaore koe e kitea ki hea me nga rau o nga waiata pai. I whakawhanakehia e GMG Global. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 4.4. Everyone.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Nga hoko kore utu
  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Kaipupuri
  • - Te tere

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Wewete Koreutu
  • - Rauemi mutunga kore
  • - Wewete Katoa

Nga whakapai ake o te takaro.
Whakahoutia te UI me te ata keemu.
Kua taapirihia te wiri pa.
Ka taapirihia etahi atu waiata ka tata nei.

Ka ngana taatau ki te whakahou i ta maatau keemu i ia wa kia pai ake ai.

He korero hou

  1. Mervis Mpundu: Why is it bring the same song for charli puth please do something about it.
  2. Aliyah michelle Sapolmo: good music and god graphics.
  3. Uwase Ashura: Magic tiles voice.
  4. Luxurious Unique: Good.
  5. Mery Hebron: Best.
  6. Ajoke Ohiomoba: It is a very interesting and thrilling game.
  7. Tracy Wde: I love its relaxing, challenging, and it has my favorite BTS..
  8. Anisa Elean: agicTilesvoc.
  9. Along Mubin: I like this game.
  10. Malaika Yasmin: I want more kpop songs in this game.... Please.
  11. Rajan Rajan: Nice aap 😍😍I like it.
  12. Fathia Oseni: Very interesting.
  13. Kato Vybz: My name is kato vybz it is the best game I have ever seen.
  14. Magda Faurie: Dis is SUPER DOPER STUPID,DON'T INSTAAL.
  15. Petrina Faustinus: Wosh.
  16. Asanya Cynthia: Nice game... I loved how the sound system works So yeah 5 stars for you Magic piano vocal tiles.
  17. Ahmed Abasi: Nice.
  18. Christine Mirandilla: I love this game🥰😍.
  19. Faithful Wisdom: Why can't this app be updated.
  20. Jacque Human: Game is tops.
  21. Cassandra Mattos: I love it 😀 😍 ❤️ ♥️ 💕 💓.
  22. Adegoke Deborah Blessing: Good.
  23. Ijeoma Obianagha: I really love this game, so interesting and fun to play.
  24. Vaishnavi Dubey: This game is awesome but it contains much mlre ads which should not so I just wanted to remove the ads on the other side the game is really really gr8.
  25. Confidence Udoinyang: Amazing.
  26. Happy Albety: It's amazing and tactical constructed but had few songs ,for improvement more songs should be added.
  27. Mathew Stoevelaar: Very fun, oh so fun. Great range of starter songs..
  28. Nathan Ganim: Very interested.
  29. Rafayla Inda: 😀.
  30. Blessing Mufhatu: It is amazing.
  31. Gabriel Otolorin: I love this game . just add more songs.
  32. Marcelle Mostert: Love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  33. makoy hashtag: Panget wala nabang mas mabilis.
  34. Muntaha Muntaha: It's a great game I really love it !!!.
  35. ben Mwangi: Yeah.
  36. Karen Dabbey: It is relly cool that i donwloaded it over and over again.
  37. DANIEL DUFF: The game was awesome before the recent update. Now, it seems to be broken, because nothing is absolutely working. Please fix it. Fix it.
  38. Martha Komba: So good game.
  39. Betty Adonsi: Very nice 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍 I love it 🎂🥰😍.
  40. Nagapurnima Boyapati: Super game amazing 😍😍.
  41. Tonisa Galeb: It's so awesome and the songs are so awesome.
  42. Ibrahim Juwon: When I updated this game it was totally rubbish am seeing just charlie Puth song.
  43. Aaron Nkinda: Love it.
  44. Miracle Reuben: Bliss.
  45. Stella Owusu: I love the game 😍😘😍🤩wow am feeling happy i want to rate a billion times 💖💖✌️💓😁.
  46. Lorenze Reane: Miss Nakita balik kana.
  47. David: Wow.
  48. Supy Ekpo: Awesome.
  49. Mrudul Pitkar: Nice.
  50. Sadia Ashraf: This app is so good and fun to play with all the songs playing in background but plz try to add some kpop songs especially BTS songs overall the app is good 💜💜.
  51. Morne De Waal: I like it very much keeps my mind of evey thing.
  52. Tshegofatso Mokoena: I love this game 🎮 but why don't you guys make all songs unlock.
  53. Mila Mfakadolo: It's amazing .all the songs u never knew and the songs can't describe bts and black pink music and moe❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂.
  54. Shyamal Debbarma: This game is vvvvvvvvv nice.
  55. Perfect Bro: Wonderful 😊💗.
  56. rhona mata: i like this game however add some more kpop song people loved that especially me.
  57. nseobong ikpatt: I love dis app So fun n lots more🥰.
  58. Generosa Cinco: Ganda.
  59. Andy Moyo: Bad....but not too bad.
  60. Paulinah Nocwaka Jongqo: I like these vocal song.
  61. Fiona Shiloh: I love this game it's so fun.
  62. Edrine Ssegane: Nice.
  63. Elogie Ochuwa: Nice game but why can't you just make the songs Free.
  64. Kollam Siraj: Best app in the world.
  65. Shivani Kadam: Duugf.
  66. Lolly Babe: I love it.
  67. Daniel AMANORUO: Funny enough, This is the only game on my phone 😜🤣.
  68. Rukaya Ajayi: I love the game called Magic tiles ..
  69. Raiden Samillano: I love it.
  70. Princess Lesego: Like it's so amazing.
  71. Saloni Kumari: It's amazing game & music very nice 👍.....
  72. DawNiNi DawNiNi: Good game 😊😊.
  73. Birzu bishwokarma: BTS UPLOAD NEW SONG YET TO COME.
  74. jinggoy torres: Iloveplayinglikethisgame... Hope,no more problem of this app.
  75. Penuel Fana Makhuyani: Wonderful.
  76. cosmic rye: Its goodd but lotta ads.
  77. Melinda Acebuche: Hagahsh Gsg.
  78. Shadrack Omondi: Nice one.
  79. mbeita rebekah murebwa: This is a very good and interesting game.
  80. Olukunle Kikelomo: It so fun i love it soooooo much thanks for producing this game thank u 😘😘.
  81. Charne: Sorry ro say this but it's dumb.
  82. olatunji boluwatife daniel: It so wonderful than other ties game but need to add at some hip-hop jamx music.
  83. Geni alex Army bts: It is great .but I don't download it yet..
  84. Thaddeus Tago: It's amazing, I love to keep the beat of songs with my fingers. Thus, I could have given five stars but I have to reserve one. Because, I suggest Gospel songs should be separated from all worldly songs. Incase for us Christians, when we play this game we would blessed through the spiritual songs. Thank you so much..
  85. Anu Ayeni: OMG like I love this app it's so fun and it also sings and has endless mode so fun please u guys should try it.
  86. Angelie Calimutan: Nice.
  87. Mdnajmie: Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games 2022 Update 2023.
  88. Nomhle Siyikili: This is not available between you and me.
  89. Arshad Raja: Jk jimin jin suga jhope v rm bts 😊😊😊😊🤭🤭🤭🤭 now about games it's fantastic.
  90. Glenn rodney Mascarinas: I love the game so much cause it has some vocals and it's fun to play although I want you to make a version of a long press piano in this game and add some of the new English songs if you could HEHEHE Great game though.
  91. Jr Raga Caorte: Very beautiful songs.
  92. Sabeliwe Sibahle Msibi: This game literally the worst game I have ever played there are so many things to fix umm yeah that's is what I wanted to say 😑😐😶.
  93. Naddy Alex: Good app & good music.thanks😃.
  94. Kganya Katiso: This music is lit and quite grrate.
  95. aakanksha ranjit: Blackpink all songs.
  96. Charles MacMillan: Love it.
  97. Sree Sree: Good.
  98. Fungai Murove: I like it.
  99. Guljari Kumar: Very nice game best game in the world you have any your problem is that a person who works hard and fast and reliable sources of energy.
  100. upendra bhagat: This game is really good . And I love thish game.
  101. bisoy Cesar: Ganda talaga ito.
  102. Maryjean Apundar: I'm Happy.
  103. Jereld Manuel: Good game.
  104. Precious joy barraca: Cool lo.
  105. Carol Wilsons: Its really amazing and very addictive. But it lacks a few things that I've came to experience from other piano file games. But I am lovin' it.
  106. Haggai Manda: Cool and fun.
  107. Lesedi Mofokeng: It is so intertaining.
  108. S Ramudu: This game is so nice l love to play this game..
  109. Sange Chomu: I love it.
  110. Jeraiah Jemnah: I love this game! This is the perfect game for a boring day,but if possible I would like some more songs and some challenges like daily challenge,stuff like that but aver all this is a good game👌 worth it..
  111. Kenneth Twaya: 🔥🔥🔥.
  112. Epsibha Rosnee E: 💜💜💜💜💜😀😀😀.
  113. Prince Beke: Nice.
  114. Tasleem Ali: Nice but the songs always too fast <3.
  115. Elvina Turanga: Love this app😍😍.
  116. Rehmat Shaban: I love this.
  117. Millicent Dornu: I really love this game so much.
  118. Shahid Brother: I think is best.
  119. Pema Yangzom: How!.
  120. Bobo Bobo: I love it✨.
  121. Ratifah Namata: It's truly wonderful and stress free.
  122. Joshua Tuan: I love this game so bad🥺🥺🥺.
  123. Samanthahopelehekolen Oyon: Cool was ok.
  124. Erdiemgfdj Bautista: Thank you.
  125. Simon James: Shadow.
  126. Daniel Eichstedt: Great to play but needs new and better songs, also need to make the game block ammount pass more manageable, it is essentially only two fingers being used to play the game..
  127. shaun hitchen: Just started, but very impressed.
  128. ابومرتاح القحطاني: العاب القفز المنتفخة ايه اللي مش عارفه والله بس انا مش عارف والله بس 😂😔😔😔❤🌷😒👇😅🌷😜😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅☺️😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
  129. Goussab Bagewadi: The song is freezing while we touch the tile and again starting after we leave the tile. It is a headache.
  130. martha esiri: It is so great it keeps me up when i down.
  131. Janeth Jophfrey: Its nice.
  132. Ndingi pope Serion: I've never played any game as interesting as this.
  133. Tomori Isaac: When i played this game it was awesome and that why i rated this game 4 star.It cool and i love the song even do my father deleted this game 3 times on is phone i still installed it on his phone but there still some facebook that do show up after playing a game pls try to remove it.It always let my father's phone hang thanks.
  134. Tracey Bayo: It is a good game that touch my heart Thanks for making this game.
  135. Philip Amuf: Song.
  136. Keerti Naik: 🦁👿.
  137. Noonaaa Moon: Magic Tiles Vocal Piano Games Update 2022.
  138. Rajabu Mamudu: Lovey.
  139. namusoke agnes: I hated the sound of the crack.
  140. Maka TvChanel: i hear a beautiful song then i feel like truth like truth piano.
  141. dell allmine: Its cool. They had alot of songs to play from. But not now. Major glitch happening!.
  142. Brighton Salvatory Ikumla: I love this it's so amazing 🤩.
  143. Eman Fatima: Nice app but we want more BTS songs.
  144. Anny# wolflover Petoors: Good 👍.
  145. Carla Chiseyengi-Matroos: I loveitso much that I am a master and now one can beat me 😎.
  146. Jessica Sharon NALLAMOTHU: This is I really want this game thank you so much 😋😋😋😋😜😜😝😝😛😛😀😀😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.
  147. Chinasa Rita: Nice.
  148. faith bikawei: I don't understand what happened But as I finished updating, I have only been seeing one song and it's not working 🤧 Please fix dis.
  149. Chaithra gowda Chinnu gowda: Super game.
  150. sandra josephine125: Cooooool awesome amazing lovable great.

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Aromātai: 43626.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone.
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