Pocket Stables Mod

Pocket Stables Mod – Hack

Whakahaerehia he rara i te wa e whakangungu ana i o hoiho reihi ki te whakataetae mo te Karauna Toru.. Pocket Stables Mod v2.1.5

Whakahou: 18/01/2023
Utu: 2.99

Tikiake Pocket Stables Mod 2.1.5 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 4.4

Tikina kore utu Pocket Stables Mod – Hack mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 2.1.5. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Whakahaerehia he rara i te wa e whakangungu ana i o hoiho reihi ki te whakataetae mo te Karauna Toru.. I whakawhanakehia e Kairosoft. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 4.4. Everyone.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Nga hoko kore utu
  • - Hoko utu kore utu
  • - Rauemi mutunga kore

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Tikiake Mo te Waea Koreutu
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Wewete Ka utua

Kei te waatea inaianei i te reo Ingarihi, Hainamana Tuku iho, Hainamana ngawari, Korea me Thai!.

He korero hou

  1. Zachary Solotko: Best Kairosoft game there is. A hockey game would be better. I like your sports games the best. The soccer one is ok, but if you had hockey I know it'd make a lot of folks happy..
  2. Danny Chan: too complicated, horse requires too much time to rest and grows old too fast then you gotta train another. Suppose to breed a better pedigree but only the same colt gets breeded again and again, I'm in year 8 and I'm getting nowhere..
  3. Mathieu Turgeon: I played a couples Kairosoft games, that one is one of the best so far. A snes touch. Simple, repetitive... but addictive. Bought Boxing Gym Story right after and it doesn't live up to Pocket Stables. The game would be perfect if we could race 2 horses on 2 different categories simultaneously... and if we had the option to back up to the main menu once our game loaded. Have to close the app and open back everytime. Do this for me Kairosoft, and I'll give you 5 star..
  4. Trent Stewart: Amazing game hopefully they bring out a number 2..
  5. DrunkPauloCosta: Bad games. Bad devs who dont like hearing their issuee.
  6. bronton dagul: Just buy it! All of their games are worth the money!.
  7. Gregory Smith: Great game was really enjoying it till it came to the tripple crown races. And didn't realize I had to physically enter each race separately really dumb way of going about it if you start the triple crown it's kind of obvious that you want to see it through to the end..
  8. K A: Easily my favorite horse app. Plus the music is SO relaxing. I come back to this game time and again. Only issues 1) Time moves so slow until you complete the game once and finally unlock fast forward 2) No way to carry over progress from one phone to another which I normally don't mind too much except for issue one..
  9. Linda Tønder: Used to love it, but now the save and menu button is so tiny I can barely hit it :(.
  10. Kyna Crain: Love the game but need more stables and land. I'm able to keep hiring jockeys and building their houses but don't have enough horses to go around. Also, the chimp track is beyond challenging. How exactly do you win on that thing?.
  11. Jon “Marc”: I've never played a mobile game more! This game just sucks your battery away cause you can't turn it off! Always looking for the perfect match of horses to breed. PLEASE DO A SEQUEL! IT'S TIME!.
  12. RUPERT: This is not a real update to Android 11 so loose 2 stars soon maybe 1 star if you don't update to work with 11.
  13. Harlow Blackadder: Obsessed. Totally replayable! In my case, at least 5 times!.
  14. Tsim Lee: Great game! Just tough enough to keep me coming back. Please make a second one!!!!!.
  15. Catherine Bagano: Great horse.
  16. chikonda shekhar: Need developments Need more races.
  17. Katie Baker: I absolutely love this game! From the training to the breeding to arranging your stable yard! Breeding the best bloodlines and training your trainers to be the best keeps you busy.
  18. Brienna Asher: Love this game.
  19. vince whirl: Its lit 🔥 but where's #2!?.
  20. Jasmine Burke: not pay to win. graphics are cute. keep comming back to this game for years..
  21. Mike jr: I love these. Please make pocket stables 2..
  22. Johnny Locklear: Awesome thanks wish y'all had part two.
  23. A Google user: Its really fun, but on my huawei the game gets reaaaallllyyy slow, like, 1 second becomes 3 during the races, then it carries onto the ranch. I would keep playing but its unbearable..
  24. A Google user: It's amazing.
  25. A Google user: Awesome.
  26. A Google user: Poorly thought out game its not a bad game but also another one of krapo softs not even a good game. Not sure why they keep pushing out horrible games thinking they will be a hit but really a flop. You hardly have any control of your horse n jockey you just select what you want the jockey to do. At times it works other Times not. I am not a fan of greedy lazy companies n kraposoft is one of them..
  27. A Google user: My favorite game to play when I need to kill time. Makes the hours go by so fast!.
  28. A Google user: it easy to get addicted but it's not interesting once u've completed the game.
  29. A Google user: IN LOVE BEEN MY TOP GAME FOR 6 YEARS.
  30. A Google user: Love the design and love horses.
  31. A Google user: A game i keep coming back to. Years worth of fun on this. Kairosoft are the #1 game maker in my opinion. Not overloaded with adverts. Not forced to pay to win. Good guys.
  32. A Google user: Fun game played it many times over hoping for a Pocket Stables 2.
  33. A Google user: It's fine. It's got cute graphics, and the gameplay is, ya know, alright. I liked it, probably not worth 5 dollars, but what can you do..
  34. A Google user: Love this app! 💟 It is hard to play, but that's the point. If anyone doesn't know some things, I'll tell you. Expand Land: Sir Pumpkin's Match two may allow you to expand land. Breeding: You will eventually be able to breed. Love it!.
  35. A Google user: This game is amazing! So worth the price, but there is one thing, and that is expanding land. It never shows you how to do that..
  36. A Google user: Wonderful. Addicting and beautiful!.
  37. A Google user: Make part 2 please I love it.
  38. A Google user: I absolutely Love Love LOVE this game it's dirt cheep and you can do sooooo much, you start of in a small area a few basic buildings to get you going and a simple tutorial to get you in the right direction, you can breed your horses once you complete the 16mile race and place first, you can expand your space by purchasing land once a interaction happens with a character. There is so much you can do and I love the developers sir making this cheep and have a lot of options for it. My only gripe with it is and this is just for aesthetic reasons is the text and lower menthe bars don't blend in with the game, if they were also pixel art it would give the game a more polished pleasent feel to it, other than that that's it..
  39. A Google user: Hey. It just updated. What is it?.
  40. A Google user: I love the game it's so much worth the price. I'm just confused I'm in year 8 and don't know how to expand my land if you know how please tell..
  41. A Google user: It's a good game i love it.
  42. A Google user: Game doesn't open....
  43. A Google user: Another Kairosoft gem. Kairosoft games are so clever and well made..
  44. A Google user: I love it but how do u name the horses?.
  45. A Google user: Typical "Classical Kairo" type of game, so it is pretty good. I meant almost everything which are not "2" nor micro-transactions under Kairo, are very good..
  46. A Google user: Love this, like Grand Prix Story but with building and development... but can you PLEASE FIX the problem with how slow and choppy the actual racing is... This has been an issue since I started this long ago, and turning frame skip to ANY setting does nothing....
  47. A Google user: I like the game but there was some anyoing gliches Like nobody goes into my stable with any stores like the ice cream polor.
  48. A Google user: Fun game. A lot of different things to do. That's why I like kariosoft games..
  49. A Google user: Great game! I love horse racing games and it's hard to find a good one, no you can't control the horse, but you can train, bred and watch it grow into a unbeatable superstar! Plus lots of other stuff. Play it!.
  50. A Google user: Best stable tycoon!! No, you can't control the jockey, but that's not what this is about. You need to manage your horses and riders training to beat the competition in many challenging races. Once it's time to pull your champions from the track you need to breed the next generation of winners in hopes of winning the triple crown!.
  51. A Google user: These games are all great for passing the time..
  52. A Google user: I don't hate the game it's self but my sister is the one who download the game with my money on my account and I didn't want the game so I took it off my phone and I can't seem to get my money back. So now I am a little mad.
  53. A Google user: Lagging after update.
  54. A Google user: I absolutely love this game! The only thing I do wish was that we had mares, and not just stallions. We should be able to breed and have either a filly or a colt, not just a colt. Other than that, this game is very entertaining and super fun to play!!!.
  55. A Google user: I love this game but I have no sound! I would love to hear the sound effects I'm sure the races have.
  56. A Google user: good game. time consuming and addictive. I enjoy the animations of horses running tracks. i just think you should be able to expand your stables. the gameplay is limited, so i wish that would improve..
  57. A Google user: It the best game ever.
  58. A Google user: I'm in Love. Thanks for coming this far.
  59. A Google user: Adorable small game that keeps you busy for a while..
  60. A Google user: Add being able to own fillies/mares.
  61. A Google user: I'm a big fan of the demo so this will be lovely.
  62. A Google user: Probably the best all-round horse racing game available on Android platform. Would definitely recommend..
  63. A Google user: Love this game.
  64. A Google user: It's great and very addictive. Genders would be nice and also choice in your horse's career like dressage, show and racing. The animations are awesome on all the games from Kairosoft. Keep it up!.
  65. A Google user: Worth the price cause the game is superb amazing ahahaha this is the best horse game i ever play keep it up guys.
  66. A Google user: Great game I have to say though girl horses!!!.
  67. A Google user: Horses!!!!!!!!.
  68. A Google user: It's awesome and fair.promise no cheats.
  69. A Google user: I wish you could let your jockies be rented by other ranches and it would be awesome if you could breed your own horses at your ranch so you know what the female is capable of so you can compare the two horses for the best Colt possible and if you could start training the colts sooner that would be cool to.
  70. A Google user: This game is awesome. If you are a person that like all aspects of Horse Racing, this games is for you and has it all. I strongly recommend it..
  71. A Google user: Awesome but you should be able to have girl horses and have fillies and colts not just colts on your next update but all in all it's awesome.
  72. A Google user: One of my favorites.
  73. A Google user: When I try to name my baby horse or when I turn my tablet sideways, the screen like cuts in half and the top half of the screen is black. I don't know when my race is going to be over or anything on the top of the screen. When I race the horses seem to be twice as slow!!! Please fix!!!.
  74. A Google user: Just brilliant!.
  75. A Google user: Excellent.
  76. A Google user: Getting an error that is stopping me play the game have tried the suggestions on the faq and no help..
  77. A Google user: If the ranch could get bigger and expand it would be even more amazing.
  78. A Google user: I was just wondering, are there ranch expansions?.
  79. A Google user: Lovw it.
  80. A Google user: Never was interested in horse racing but they managed to get me addicted to this game.
  81. A Google user: I know it costs money but it is awesome. Lite version is too short..
  82. A Google user: Doesn't work facility doesn't build.
  83. A Google user: How do I bring my data from lite bverg to full?.
  84. A Google user: Not as good as other Kairosoft games.
  85. A Google user: please fix :(.
  86. A Google user: People out there get this app if you are awsome.
  87. A Google user: So addicting!! I love it!! Keep up the good work Five stars!! 😆😄.
  88. A Google user: I got a horse but the space was full so I tried to sell a building but it wouldn't .That is something that annoys me so please add a sell feature when you touch the item.Thanks so if you can add it ,I will rate it 4 stars.
  89. A Google user: Its a good game but crashes pretty often and its way too hard to get a good horse and they can't rase enough to earn money fast enough. I still like to play this game though I hope they fix the crashing and make the horses have an easier interface to display all the detailed information that's needed..
  90. A Google user: Really enjoyed it well worth the money.
  91. A Google user: How do u get baby horses.
  92. A Google user: I've had this game for over a year now and absolutely love it. I actually went ahead and bought it for my iPad as well for a larger picture I enjoy it so much. My only wish is that they would come out with a sequel just like they did with Pocket League Story!! Please!!!.
  93. A Google user: I love these games!!! You should make one with dogs like the Iditarod in Alaska where the sled dogs run a race. Or one with dogs racing on a race track..
  94. A Google user: If u asked me scale from 1/10 it would more likely be 10000.
  95. A Google user: I really do love it but it can get a little boring sometimes..
  96. A Google user: for horse lovas!!!!!!!!! bleep bloop.
  97. A Google user: Ive looked everywhere for a perfect game and i have finallt founs it THANK YOU!!! p.s. How do you feed the horses carrots?.
  98. A Google user: It's Kairosoft so it's fun... But it takes a while to watch the races and the Chimpan Cup onwards is ridiculously difficult..
  99. A Google user: Great game.
  100. A Google user: Worth every penny my fav app but no auto save... =`( I will rate 5 stars the very second there is auto save I highly recommend getting this app SERIOUSLY WORTH EVERY PENNY. Also, i would love it if colts looked like tiny themselves, instead of always the same. Don't like having to save, but these are literally the only faults I have with this app. Just buy it!!!!!.
  101. A Google user: At least I can... "If at first you don't succeed, try harder!".
  102. A Google user: Well, they have done it again! Great game and more depth than some of there others..
  103. A Google user: Nice game carosoft rely like it keep makeing them!.
  104. A Google user: Only thing missing is both male and female horses so you could breed both instead of just breeding with a stock female horse. More personal touches with horses would be nice too so its not just like a bunch of race cars with legs..
  105. A Google user: My favorite game by far. I love it! but very laggy since the lollipop 5.0 upgrade..
  106. A Google user: Like most Kairosoft Games fun and addictive. Would recommend to anyone..
  107. A Google user: Love the game i have an idea for another horse game, a horse jumping game with female and male horses.
  108. A Google user: I bought this game on an another phone which doesnt require internet connection but when downloaded on this phone,it needs internet connection to play pls fix it asap thank you..I will give you five years.
  109. A Google user: I love the game! But getting your horsemto have a baby is quite hard but no the less l LOVE the game recoundmended to anyone that likes horses!!!😻.
  110. A Google user: While free Kairosoft games are nice, I appreciate being able to just get the whole game right away, without need or design for micro transactions..
  111. A Google user: Really annoying I don't know how to retire a horse or get it a breeding partner..
  112. A Google user: 🏇I like this game !,Many hours of fun, much safer then going to track batting money 💰.
  113. A Google user: It's so good to play mobile games with such great standards like Kairosoft games. Check out everything they make!.
  114. A Google user: Im not a horse racing fan but this game is awesome i really enjoy playing it!! I hope kairosoft make one of managing sports baseball, basketball, boxing etc i know you guys can pull it off keep making great games.
  115. A Google user: Ks games r so fun there AWESOME! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
  116. A Google user: Its one game u need.
  117. A Google user: The game runs so slow on the galaxy note 4. Such a shame i love this game. Please fix bug.
  118. A Google user: Like most Kairosoft games, it has a familiar set of mechanics, flaws and buckets of charm. Love it.
  119. A Google user: Winner all day long.
  120. A Google user: Very addictive but any chance of an upgrade with more pedigrees please, I love this game!.
  121. A Google user: Hey guys got a glitch at the moment none of the training course build, they just sit there with trucks... 5 stars once its fixed.
  122. A Google user: I'm more of a casual player so I only play for 1-2 hours per day. This game has kept me hooked for atleast 6 months (2 playthroughs). My son has completed it in 4 days, he's more of a hardcore gamer. Overall, it's a great game for ages 13+ (both my sons have played ages 8 & 14). Game mechanics were great. Thank you Kairosoft..
  123. A Google user: Ok at first then gets boring.
  124. A Google user: So cute and wonderful! I can't have a horse but this game fills my dreams!.
  125. A Google user: I'm a lead engineer at one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world, and this is my favorite mobile game..
  126. A Google user: I love all the kario soft games please make more english versions.
  127. A Google user: Love it.
  128. A Google user: Those who love horse racing will get addicted to this game ☺.
  129. A Google user: Addicting.
  130. A Google user: After winning the pumpkin patch 2 race you can buy land expantions and the GII race you can research moving buildings. The game has depth and strategy that is rarely seen in mobile gaming..
  131. A Google user: Kairo soft are amazing, all there games are consistent in style and gameplay, I just hope they dont go down the iap/free to play route with new titles, and keep there games as one off premium purchases.
  132. A Google user: Kairosoft rules!!! I love all their games!!!.
  133. A Google user: Once you get one of their games, you're going to end up getting a whole lot more. This game is no exception. I enjoy breeding the horses and making my own lines. It's pretty complicated, though it seems simple on the outset..
  134. A Google user: That's it. Good entertainment..
  135. A Google user: Just do fun a lot to do well worth buying.
  136. A Google user: Good buy but too addictive. Easily spent a few days over it.
  137. A Google user: The only con is the game drains your battery.
  138. A Google user: Absolutely brilliant game with a lot of hours to be played. I'm just over half way through my first 16 year playthrough and I've probably played for a good 10 hours. Only complaint is that it keeps me up at night..
  139. A Google user: Kairosoft <3 what else can I say =).
  140. A Google user: Well worth the money a delightful little bargain. Great smooth gameplay..
  141. A Google user: Goods.
  142. A Google user: Love this company's game.
  143. A Google user: Addictive game always by ks. When it on discount, just buy... Even though I will not be playing the game immediately.. Sacrificing one cup of coffee, then 3, while on discount, for hours of entertainment is worth it.
  144. A Google user: Game doesn't work, training courses will not build on htc one m8.
  145. A Google user: For some reason the game runs very slowly on the Z2 but works fine on an older Sony device..
  146. A Google user: Kairosoft game on sale = instabuy.
  147. A Google user: This is very fun game,that you can get addictive to it highly RECOMMENDED..
  148. A Google user: Brill.
  149. A Google user: Great fun.
  150. A Google user: Kairosoft..

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Putanga: 2.1.5.
Android e hiahiatia ana: 4.4.
Aromātai: 2965.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Everyone.
Tāuta: 50,000+.
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Kaihanga: Kairosoft.
Pooti: 4.7.
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