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Quell Zen (HACK + MOD)

Ko Quell Zen te ahua o nga keemu arorau whakangawari.. Quell Zen Mod v1.13

Whakahou: 22/11/2022
Utu: 1.99

Tikiake Quell Zen Mod 1.13 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 5.0

Tikina kore utu Quell Zen (HACK + MOD) mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.13. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Ko Quell Zen te ahua o nga keemu arorau whakangawari.. I whakawhanakehia e FallenTreeGames. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 5.0. Everyone.

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  • - Tango Panui Katoa
  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Kore Uta Anō
  • - Wewete Ka utua

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Whakatikanga bug.

He korero hou

  1. Matthew Rollins: Decent premise, calming music. Controls are pretty bad, especially on levels with multiple orbs. It's also very frustrating to be in a "hidden" level and accidentally return to the previous menu or level, only to have no way back except to replay the original level and try to remember where the hidden portal is. I kept getting kicked out of the black hole level and having to replay another level just to get back in. Would recommend making all hidden levels selectable from the menu once unlocked..
  2. David Lazarus: Over the past couple of months, my profile has been mysteriously erased four times. If I can somehow restore it, that would be great. Otherwise, please fix this problem and I will give the app 5 stars. Thank you..
  3. Vicky B: I've enjoyed all of this series and I think the combination of type and style of puzzle in this one may be the best yet. Very much worth the small amount of money they ask for..
  4. Rhana Cassidy: This was the most beautiful and moving game I've ever played. The puzzles were just challenging enough to keep me intrigued. The graphics and sound effects are lovely. But it was the story that made this game so difficult to put down. As a mom myself, I found the letters from Kiko's mother heartbreaking. I couldn't wait to read the next chapters in their story. This is everything I look for in a game..
  5. michael zannetti: A very well designed and satisfying puzzle game..
  6. Cristian S: Wonderful relaxing game, also see that developers continue to update the game, which is great. Thank you.
  7. Espen Laub: 👍.
  8. Jordan Kuhn: This series of games is amazing. The music is peaceful and the puzzles are fun and complicated..
  9. linda button: Still having trouble with the app it keeps starting over from the beginning I would give it a higher rate as I love the game and would love to be able to move on to all other levels.
  10. Kristina Albert: I played through this a year ago and have just come back to play through it again. It's my favorite relaxing game. Beautiful design and music, no ads, puzzles that are challenging but not impossible, and solutions to access when you get stuck. I also love that even after solving levels I can go back and replay them until I get a perfect number of moves or find the hidden gem. The automatic skip feature that becomes available whenever you've done both those things in a level is awesome..
  11. Mistaria Spellsinger: Love all the Quell games! Just puzzles, no ads. Worth the money, very challenging..
  12. YoMags “Mags”: All Quell is awesome. This one is less minimalist, but still pretty Zen..
  13. Juan Alvarado: Nice design and music. Love the letters at the end of the stages. This is the third Quell that I have purchased and the best so far. Thank you.
  14. John Zoidberg: Great game until it rest all my progress waste of money..
  15. Bobby Kendrick: I love this game; however, it periodically resets and I have to start over. Very frustrating!.
  16. Shane Binnell: Thank you team. That was a great experience..
  17. Frederico Prado: I just upgraded my phone and I am unable to restore my progress on my new Android Q device. Google Play Games shows the achievements correctly and the games is logging into my account correctly but it is not loading my saved data. This is happening with all Quell games, Quell+, Quell Reflect+, Quell Memento and Quell Zen. Other games like Injustice Mobile 2, Empire Warriors and Kingdom Rush are working correctly and restoring the saved data so it is not a problem with my account or Google Play Games..
  18. Randy Baratka: This is one of my favorite series of games. Went to replay this one, got to the last level and the game reset! Lost All My Progress. Only had two puzzles left to do. Very disappointed..
  19. Jimmy Pailin: I was asked to purchase the game AGAIN when I tried to install it on another device. Isn't paying once enough?.
  20. Michele King: Love the game, but I certainly don't appreciate it resting itself back to the first level on it's own!.
  21. DV Ant: Fantastic game. Very taxing. Very enjoyable wish it lasted longer. I've only ever brought very few games on play store history and I've bought both the quell games and will be buying more. And no I'm not a bot..
  22. Mr. Hitchens: Brilliant brilliant brilliant, in every way!.
  23. Curry McKnight: Gorgeous and challenging, very satisfying..
  24. Tyler Merlin: I usually get bored with puzzles and daydreaming becomes more interesting than performing. The audible and visual ques are pleasantly satisfying on levels that provide some frustration. Very appealing game..
  25. Mel: Have to rely on walkthrough on some levels as it is too brainy...
  26. Chris Mattingly: A great game! Beautifully done, greatly music and the puzzles are hard enough to be challenging without being so difficult as to be frustrating. Please make another one! eww.
  27. Doreen Yannetty: I love this game, I was doing great, perfect scores on all levels. I was more than halfway through it, I went to play it today and it was as if I had never played at all. All the way back to the beginning. Not right at all..
  28. Marc Anon: The quell series are my all time favorite logic games. This one just pushes it further with new mechanics and a perfect art and music style. Could not recommend enough, the very best of Android..
  29. Erica Braswell: I was on the Harmony level, almost finished and I didn't play for a few weeks. I went back to finish it and all my progress was gone! It started over from the beginning! I am so mad!! If you're going to update you should make it save progress!!!!!!!!!!!.
  30. W Roberson: A nice relaxing, mentally challenging game. Thank you for making it..
  31. Milan Roubal: Absolut great game, one of the best logic games around.
  32. A Google user: I absolutely LOVE your Quell games. I only wish there were many more levels..
  33. A Google user: Wonderful game. Challenging puzzles. Gorgeous graphics. Lovely music and pleasant sounds. I was so happy to discover a new Quell game..
  34. A Google user: Not enough levels! Ended to soon. Enjoyment until the end. Worked my single brain cell hard..
  35. A Google user: A pleasant continuation of their previous Quell games..
  36. A Google user: I love all of the Quell games but the Quell Zen is even better than the Quell reflect and Quell + ( is that even possible you ask?). It's hard to remember now, but these games did take me a while to get the hang off because the ball/bubble won't go where you think it should, or it refuses to stop when you think it should. I still replay all 4 games and never tire of them. Don't forget the hidden levels and the gems to collect. Please please make Quells. Best games ever made..
  37. A Google user: I opened the app yesterday and all my progress was gone. I was getting close to finishing the game, so this is particularly frustrating..
  38. A Google user: Love it!😊.
  39. A Google user: love all the Quell games!.
  40. A Google user: Love this game. Please create more of them..
  41. A Google user: This is a challenging, as well as very intertaining puzzle. I wish the creators would come up with still another..
  42. A Google user: I have loved this series since the first one. I have always bought the paid versions. Forcing me to create and use a Play games ID is beyond not cool. I want to play these games to relax, not to deal with more login BS and monitoring what I do on my phone. Its a shame, these were the best cell phone games undisputedly..
  43. A Google user: This puzzle is a masterpiece of lateral thinking. Some puzzles take days and up to hundreds of tries to complete to get the perfect solution, and then you realize that the solution involved thinking out of the box and that moment of insight is delightful. I suggest never using hints or solutions. For an even more profound challenge, try just looking at the puzzle for a few minutes and trying out combinations in your head until you got it and then complete the puzzle to perfection in just one play. I hope the authors make more of these games and please keep the same high level of quality..
  44. A Google user: Challenging and engaging.
  45. A Google user: This is the finest puzzle game I've ever played. I've played all the quell games and am always amazed at the accessibility and brilliance of them, but nothing prepared me for how good this sequel is. It has the most inventive and amusing puzzles of the impeccable series to date. And definitely the best story. I've become a father since I started playing this series, and it's story really touched my heart. It's sadness was simple yet crushing. It kept me playing through the game much faster than I had with previous entries, and now I have the bliss of taking my contemplative time to reach the "perfect" moves, jewels and splendid secret boards. This game is not just poetic in it's aesthetic, it's puzzle design should be studied for generations for it's beauty, fun, and brilliance. Thank you FallenTree. You make video games BETTER..
  46. A Google user: The perfect game.
  47. A Google user: Can't praise Fallen Tree enough. All the Quell games are great fun and challenging enough to keep me occupied for hours. Brilliant work. Quell Zen is the best yet. I hope there are more on the way. I could play these games forever..
  48. A Google user: Wonderfully relaxing game with some puzzling plays to solve..
  49. A Google user: A perfect puzzle experience: there's very little fat here, and no grinding. Finding the shortest solutions is enjoyable, because there are few dead ends. It's hard, but not too hard: excellent wake up the day stimulation..
  50. A Google user: Its a amazing game, you have to think about the moves, the harder the game gets, I like the different styles of game, especially the green rain drops, I also like the story in the letters. The music is very nice, the graphics are very good, I'm always disappointed when I finish the game, I have all the quell games and I hope they do more,.
  51. A Google user: Love, love, love.
  52. A Google user: Truly amazing game(s)! The only problem with them is there's not enough of them :) Finished all the games by these brilliant developers and if mine and other fans` reviews and support matters please make more. These games are keeping me occupied, forget about what's going on during a very stressful time and help me get recharged to keep going. Thank you!.
  53. A Google user: I was really enjoying this game until it it sent me back to the start and ignored all the levels I'd completed....arghhhhhhh.
  54. A Google user: A great addition to the series. Quite enjoyable overall. Only a handful of the puzzles were a little overly challenging..
  55. A Google user: Fallen Tree's Quell games are my favorites and Zen is a great addition. The music is lovely, the puzzles make you think and they never get boring. One of the things I really like with these games is that they can be played many times, because there are 3 profiles for each and they can be reset so you can start over. There's enough complexity to keep me coming back. They are definitely worth the small charge for the complete game..
  56. A Google user: This is a good game, in line with the other games in the series, except for one thing. When the game thinks I've made an error the restart button flashes. It is extremely irritating as I don't want this kind of "help". I wouldn't mind so much if this feature could be disabled but it can't. Not only that but it has flashed for games that I have gone on to complete. Please give us the option to disable this annoyance..
  57. A Google user: Great logical reasoning puzzles.
  58. A Google user: I love this game! You really have to think! The story about Kiko's mom was sooooo interesting. It made me play more often in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Thumbs up, great game. BTW I suffer with depression and Quell helps me..
  59. A Google user: Very calming after a long day..
  60. A Google user: The Quell series has always managed to not just keep developing quality games, the games keep getting better, even though the first entry was virtually perfect. Bravo!.
  61. A Google user: Promotes clear thought and action..
  62. A Google user: Interesting and unique puzzle. Later levels are very difficult..
  63. A Google user: Awesome, as always. Quell is actually the only game I keep on my phone... Very much looking forward to a next one!!.
  64. A Google user: Brilliant!!!!.
  65. A Google user: Best puzzles games on Android.
  66. A Google user: I love these games, but this one, with the story, was my favorite..
  67. A Google user: Very good game. I love this company. I have bought the entire Quell series of games. I have 2 chapters left. Quite challenging! Well worth the bucks..
  68. A Google user: Too addicting!.
  69. A Google user: I've played almost every Quell in the series, and really enjoy them. This Quell was very fun, with the right amount of challenge, and a touching storyline. If you like puzzles, and calming music, I recommend this game..
  70. A Google user: I opened the game today and all progress was lost :( Was almost at the end too..
  71. A Google user: Welcome back to the best app game ever, (yes really) even though on one level it cheated when trying to find a tile, but its easily forgiven because it's such a good game..
  72. A Google user: One of the best puzzle games available on mobile. Easy to learn yet challenging, definitely recommended..
  73. A Google user: Great game! I have played them all, and this one stacks up with the rest. Awesome job on the backgrounds and smoke effects, and the story is always a nice touch. Thanks guys!.
  74. A Google user: A great puzzle game, very relaxing to play..
  75. A Google user: One word...EXCELLENT!.
  76. A Google user: New challenges, adds a nice twist, keeps you thinking!.
  77. A Google user: Another excellent Quell game. The puzzles are excellent, the story is engaging. The only thing I'm not keen on are the controls when multiple drops are present - it's too easy to inadvertently move an unintended drop..
  78. A Google user: If you like puzzles and have enough time to really relax this is for you..
  79. A Google user: Well worth the money...this game is long, innovative and challenging. Can't wait for the next one!.
  80. A Google user: Great game!.
  81. A Google user: This game is beautiful. Easy and hard in equal measure. There is no way to properly close the app..
  82. A Google user: Love,love, love the quell games. They provide a mental challenge in a soothing atmosphere. Please keep them coming..
  83. A Google user: All progress gone. Started the game today only to see that all my progress was reset! As much as I like the game, I'm not going through it again!.
  84. A Google user: Great game. Just the right level of challenge and a little story to keep you moving along and absolutely no annoying ads - which really is Zen these days. All the Quell games are winners. Thanks for creating them..
  85. A Google user: I love the whole quell series. Very addictive games.
  86. A Google user: Best game ever. Challenging but enough help if really stumped. So many different challenges; completing level, completing in minimum moves, find secret locations and gems and stones. Great!.
  87. A Google user: Beautiful, and elegant. The Quell franchise are the best puzzle games in the play store and this is no exception. Quell Zen is easily my favorite in the franchise..
  88. A Google user: Quell games are my favourite. They literally have the power to lift you out of depression and anxiety with calming music and puzzles. Good stuff..
  89. A Google user: Best part in a great series of games. Amazing game..
  90. A Google user: The crown jewel of the Quell series. A massive, brilliant game. Top shelf quality as always..
  91. A Google user: Great game!.
  92. A Google user: Gelungene Fortsetzung von Quell, mit sehr viel Gameplay für's Geld ! Übrigens ist Spiel 12.1.4 in zwölf Schritten lösbar und der Dungeon in 11.4.3 in 27 statt den angegebenen 34 Schritten 😂😂 . . . .. Gruß ans Entwicklerteam.
  93. A Google user: This game has erased all of my data TWICE in the past two days. I haven't even been able to complete the fame because of how data-glitchy this game is. I want a refund.
  94. A Google user: These games are awesome. Challenging and relaxing all at the same time. Game never ever crashes. Keep them coming please and I'll keep buying them!.
  95. A Google user: Challenging but enjoyable!.
  96. A Google user: beautifully and smartly done! very nice game!.
  97. A Google user: Really love the laidback, relaxing, calmness all the chapters offer. It challenges, but without the edginess, compounded with the music, this is a treat. The only semi disappointment is they eliminated the background raindrops, that added another layer of tranquility. I hope they might consider an update to add it back, if not, consider adding it back with their next chapter..
  98. A Google user: Somehow each Quell game is better than the last. The new mechanics introduced in Quell: Zen make the puzzles even more challenging and improve on an already great concept. After completing all the levels in perfect moves, I still have to find all the jewels. And do the zen stone levels. And do the black hole levels. This game is hours and hours of fun. Highly recommended!.
  99. A Google user: I'm gonna love this new quell to unwind with for bedtime, just like the others!.
  100. A Google user: Great puzzles and a superb technical and design execution make this one of the best puzzle games you can get. If you liked the other Quell games you'll enjoy the new twists in this edition..
  101. A Google user: Formated my phone didn't restore the game sinc :( helppppp.
  102. A Google user: The levels are interesting and challenging in a wonderfully relaxing way. The soundtrack is awesome..
  103. A Google user: When i started quell, it began with quell memento so i was constantly waiting to see if they were having a newer game an when I saw they were releasing quell zen i was over the moon. This game has everything amazing about quell brought in a new light so i really enjoyed it, I love this game and I love fallen tree games..
  104. A Google user: Awesome game.
  105. A Google user: This has all you love and more. New story, new mechanics like match three and the Green drop, more challenging which I thought wasn't possible, with the puzzles you love too like roses and laser drops. Tons of puzzles and even a few new secrets and collectibles like the blackholes. Worth every penny even if just for the music. An amazing experience playing these games and a touching story. Get it!.
  106. A Google user: Another great Quell game from FallTreeGames. This one's about as long as Memento and Reflect combined, and has equally wonderful and elegant puzzles. Highly-recommended..
  107. A Google user: As always, the puzzles are innovative and reasonable..
  108. A Google user: This is the 8th time I have loss progress in the game wrote developer 6 times no response..
  109. A Google user: I have loved all the Quell games. A truly peaceful past time..
  110. A Google user: A fantastic challenge and such pleasurable esthetics. I love each and every Quell game but this is the icing on the cake!.
  111. A Google user: Amazing game, new features as well. I can't put my phone down, really addicting. I didn't know about this new release but I was hoping for it. No complaints at all, this time even gems and hidden levels are well hidden. Also Music is really enthralling. Thanks for a good time pass game..
  112. A Google user: One of the best games i have ever played!! Looking forward to all the quell games.
  113. A Google user: So psyched 2 get a new installment of this, one my favorite puzzle games ever. New stuff 2 see, new puzzles, new awesome sounds. Get it & it's 3 predecessors. WORTH THE $$$.
  114. A Google user: I've purchased every Quell so far and will continue to do so if more are released. They are a welcome challenge for my mind, and the music is wonderful..
  115. A Google user: I love these Quell puzzles. Great that Zen has been developed. Hopefully the series will continue..
  116. A Google user: Wonderful..
  117. A Google user: As always love these, wish they were longer..
  118. A Google user: Quell what can I say tried 2 games up to now and both the best waste your time games I've ever played. Totally evil makes you think that really clever where in actual fact I'm the idiot sitting here at 3am stabbing at the screen of my phone. Done good 12 hours my place is a rubbish hole 5 stars but I think the makers are in league with the devil.
  119. A Google user: Very very very very good game indeed..
  120. A Google user: Challenging with extra twists moves and pieces. Tests your thinking..
  121. A Google user: Is there a hidden chapter as well? Thanks!.
  122. A Google user: Perfect experience, great music, atmosphere. The perfect video game! Love all the others in the series, love all Fallen Tree games, but the Quell series holds a special place. This one is perfect too! Love the new physics! Support is great too! Get this, you will love it!.
  123. A Google user: Bring us more quell games!.
  124. A Google user: Absolutely great game series! but sync does not work for this new game and also for Quell Reflect. Please, fix it :).
  125. A Google user: I love the Quell games, and hope they keep making them forever. I'm an infinite customer..
  126. A Google user: It starts out kind of slow but picks up quickly after the first couple of chapters! An excellent addition to my puzzle collection!.
  127. A Google user: Excellent! Keep it up! 🎉.
  128. A Google user: Thank you thank you thank you..
  129. A Google user: Very good.
  130. A Google user: I can't believe this only has 500 purchases as this is another great sequel to a very addicting and polished franchise. Buy it and then buy the rest as well!.
  131. A Google user: I have purchased and played every Quell game these guys produce, all are exquisite. The graphics, gameplay, sounds, story... simply superb! Explore for yourself, but I find them both relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Always anxious for the next release, these guys seriously do it right. So well done..
  132. A Google user: I've been wishing for the longest time to see another edition of Quell. This one is just as puzzling and challenging as I was hoping. THANK YOU, Fallen Tree Games!.
  133. A Google user: Love this series. They're all worth playing..
  134. A Google user: Love the Quell series, I played all previous games and was hoping to get new one, glad it was made. Certainly enjoyable and relaxing puzzle game. Can't recommend it enough!.
  135. A Google user: Amazingly fun game ,been waiting for this for a while now..
  136. A Google user: The best series of relaxing, challenging puzzle games. Bought instantly based on prior games..
  137. A Google user: I am loving the new types of puzzles. Release on Vita and I will buy it again..
  138. A Google user: Love the Quell games and this one is just as fantastic as the originals. Plus, great response time and performance fixes from the developer. No reservations 5 star.
  139. A Google user: Top notch, smooth playing, beautiful, the other 3 versions are my top favorites. Just wish they made more....
  140. A Google user: Problem solved. Hope you guys do better and better..
  141. A Google user: Sync Progress lag is fixed in the last update - changed rating to 5. There are still some bugs with achievements - I have 192/192 perfect levels and every chapter has gold checkmark - but no Zen Master/Nirvana achievements. Tried completing the last level again - the achievements are not triggered..
  142. A Google user: Meets the expectation that has been built by the previous series. Also, it runs perfectly on my Chromebook Pixel! On 12 inches the graphics get a little pixelated though - higher resolution graphics or more vector graphics would be appreciated!.
  143. A Google user: It's Quell! There's nothing like it. It's a classic. I bought it. I love it. Everyone should own Quell Zen!.
  144. A Google user: I've been waiting for this sequel for a long time! I do hope that it's the first of many more to come..
  145. A Google user: This game adds some great new features into the mix, with the same great gameplay as the other Quell games. A bit more challenging I would say..
  146. A Google user: Please keep making these beautiful and challenging games. Lovely graphics and music. Delightfully tricky and challenging. Class act!.
  147. A Google user: Game is very good as the previous ones, but I would have loved some new music..
  148. A Google user: Not worth the price.
  149. A Google user: Quell is the best series of puzzle / logic games on the Android market. Every game is different, but not completely. Even within each game, the individual puzzles change enough to keep it highly interesting. I love these games. This one has surpassed my expectations already. Darn good work..
  150. A Google user: I've long been looking forward to Fallen Tree Games sequel to the great 2013 Quell Memento. Zen is a worthy addition to the franchise..

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