Sands of Salzaar Mod

Sands of Salzaar {Hack – Mod}

Rautaki tuwhera-ao ARPG. Sands of Salzaar Mod v1.0.17

Whakahou: 18/01/2023
Utu: 3.49

Tikiake Sands of Salzaar Mod 1.0.17 mo te apk phi me te iphone iOS 5.0

Tikina kore utu Sands of Salzaar {Hack – Mod} mo te Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Rahi: ) - Putanga 1.0.17. I tukuna i runga . Na MI.VNMOD.NET. Rautaki tuwhera-ao ARPG. I whakawhanakehia e X.D. Network. Nga whakaritenga o te punaha whakahaere 5.0. Teen.

Game Hack Features MOD

  • - Wewete Katoa
  • - Moni mutunga kore
  • - Wewete Premium
  • - Rauemi mutunga kore
  • - Wewete Putanga Katoa

Putanga Kēmu Kua utua te MOD

  • - Kore utu
  • - Tatūnga Koreutu
  • - Tikiake Koreutu
  • - Tatūnga Koreutu
  • - Rauemi mutunga kore

Whakahou v.1.0.17

I roto i tenei papaki te nuinga kua whakaritea:
– [UI o te take i mau tonu te whakataetae]
– [ka mahue nga mema o te kapa i te pepeha]
– [te arotautanga o te paanga pukenga /whakaahua]
– [Whakamaoritanga arotautanga]
– [BUG Tautuhinga Reo].

He korero hou

  1. John Hilton: Cant play it keeps crashing.
  2. Nicholas Canlas: Seems to just keep crashing on android. Love it on pc tho. Please fix this.
  3. Chris Riley: Not a bad review, but can't seem to get the game to start, tried on multiple devices capable in specs to run the game, the pc version is amazin, just hoping the Devs can get a patch out and get it fixed asap..
  4. Ali Nuhad: Changing anything in settings changed language to something else and can't change it back, can't play starting cutscenes, constant crashes.
  5. Anderson Jandry: I have a S20FE with snapdragon 865 and it's crashing on loading screen..
  6. Reza Alfianzah: There is a bug in main menu when you change anything in setting and apply it will change the language from english to chinese, but if you change the setting in game there will be no language change. Too bad not all the mods from steam are brought here, hopefully they will bring all the mods..
  7. Michael Herman: Has so much potential. Once the bug fixes are in I'll play a whole lot more. Issues: Story Mode will crash at certain points and when you reboot you are in some Asian dialect (which you have to then clear all data to fix losing any progress). Then you have other minor issues..
  8. WhiteOwl 2278: Stops loading half way through. My phone is a samsumg galaxy Aos3 I'll be contacting by email too..
  9. Ren Renn: There's a bug that changes the language to mandarin whenever i change anything in settings, have to reinstall the game everytime to revert to english.
  10. JeXeN Loh: 闪退有点严重啊...希望能够完美移植。steam入手了,是个好游戏。.
  11. Proto Culturist: Crashes upon loading.....
  12. James Johnson: Game looks hella fun. Saw it popular in an ad. But does not work on Android, crashes when launching new game. Will have to ask for refund. If this is fixed will be happy to re-evaluate.
  13. John: Needs some work. Some translation issues that are very minor. There are also black boxes behind the avatars when talking to npcs are viewing your party. Fix even just the black boxes and its a 5/5 for me!.
  14. Cody Lee: Beware - Reviews are accurate - App crashes at 50% Common issue that dev has not fixed..
  15. matthew kruger: Somehow the game is stuck in chinese and i cant get it back to english. Although i even before parts of the game were in chinese and the wiki guide in game wouldnt update. I see potential but its a loss for me cause its unplayable.
  16. Katsumi Rei: Reviewing it right cause i like the pc game xD Atm crashing The optimization is really poor atm, my battery is on fire.
  17. Brian Miller: I was (and still am) crazy excited to see this on the play store, but it's in a pretty rough state. Language changes seemingly at random, and consistently when changing a setting. While no manula language options exist in the game. Translation seems incomplete as not all UI elements are English. And can't seem to play any video or sequence without crashing. Keeping the game in hopes these things get fixed and SUPER excited to be able to play!.
  18. lou landau: Trash.. and I bought the DLC. I guess one learns a lesson to play a game before buying dlc also. The very first cinematic crashes the app then asks if I wanna skip it. I'm on a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g. Top end phone and you can't get a graphic to play? And i bought your DLC up front cause the game looked cool? You get a 0 until you fix this. That's trash If you have a high end phone don't buy this game. Once they fix it I'll update this review.
  19. Jacob Covert: The games crashing about half an inch to half way through the initial "now loading" screen on launch. Please fix and I'll change review.
  20. Jason Edwin: just gonna try this before i finish some tweak in setting until i press apply and reboot, and all text became Chinese instead English... Hope devs fix this problem because I don't understand a single thing....
  21. Kaito Kite: The opening video make game crash. And game no language option. Will change to chinese without an option to change back english.
  22. Victor Devapitakkul: How to change language??.
  23. Loncefir Wargrimes: Where is Language Change Menu Plz??.
  24. Waaiz: Game is crashing when i start story mode, fix the game, don't buy it unless they fix it Tried to change settings and now everything is in chinese.
  25. Edward Griffin: Looks like a good game. However it stops loading after 50%, then would close going to my home screen. The problem keeps repeating...
  26. TAI LE: Cant play. Cant log in. JUST KICK ME OUT EVERYTIME I TRY TO LOG.
  27. PeaceJA cAnNaBis: The game is Full of bugs. game crashes automatically by itself while logging in. Game random crashes so offen. The game starts to lag like hell when in battles. visual glitches , language bugs the game is so many problems the game needs FIX ASAP !!!.
  28. ปุณณรัตน์ รัตนูปกรณ์: Stuck first loading screen.
  29. Robert McCall: Wont even load....
  30. Kareem: Why does the game keep revereting the language to Chinese ? Couldn't even play without understanding anything... Edit: After trying to play the game and searching online for solutions. I managed to play a session on story mode without the game crashing on even once. But there's no save game option 😕 . Hopefully, the bugs will be ironed out. We can play and enjoy the game. Snd as a Mount and Blade fan, this game is a gem for mobile gamers. GL devs..
  31. linh tran: Trò chơi hay nhưng không chạy tốt trên androi . bị đá ra liên tục.
  32. Baleanu Daniel: Yoooo devs after the first restart the game language changed to some asian tipe and i can't change it . Please fix it.
  33. Nguyen Thanh Nam: samsung note 10 ok but Sony SOV40 can not run game, too delay. wrong abi mode?.
  34. Indra Lohita: Now loading screen, frezee, force close and repeat.
  35. Andrew I: The game seems really good but it is currently in a pretty rough state. It crashes constantly and won't play the cutscenes(the game itself suggests skipping them). With that being said once they patch it I believe it has the potential too be quite good. I will readdress my review after I can play it for more then one screen..
  36. Nelson Banzuela: It is not working on my phone. I purchased it right away because of the promising gameplay however upon opening the loading stopped on 50% and it didn't work. The app auto-closes. Tried it 3 times but it keeps on closing for the 3rd time now. My device is Vivo 2134, please fix it devs so I can change it to 5 immediately. Thank you! Let me give you additional info so you may fix it quickly: Runtime Exception error during 40 or 60% loading..
  37. rama weir: I can't play it sense it keeps switching to Chinese and I can't figure out how to stop it or how to switch it back to English. It seems to happen if I try to change the settings. Please fix.
  38. BuzzYankee: please fix langauge to English.
  39. Mike Mingo: Crashes immediately..
  40. Mike Illenberger: Will not load. Uninstalled twice and same issue. Crashes midway and loads into Googleplay..
  41. David Rabalais: The game looks fun on PC but I couldn't start a new game due to the game continuously crashing..
  42. Duy Ly: Good game.
  43. Rusz tr (Gia): after click at the apply button in setting, the game change to chinese and there is no option to change the language back to english... all i can do is reinstall the game.
  44. Fann: I just bought it, but why the loading stuck at 50% (halfway) and force close after,. Is there any other things that I need to do, I try to re download it, but still the same issues. Pls fix it.

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Putanga: 1.0.17.
Android e hiahiatia ana: 5.0.
Aromātai: 96.
Whakatauranga Ihirangi: Teen.
Tāuta: 500+.
Hua: .
Kaihanga: X.D. Network.
Pooti: 1.6.
Pāhekoheko: .
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